How And Why Are The Passengers Connected?

But it’s more than just voices and proximity by the end of this opening hour, as Michaela had a visual flash of the airplane, and she wasn’t the only one. Most of the passengers (if not all) appeared outside the fences where the FBI was holding the plan while they continued to investigate it. But why where they there?

It would seem they were brought there to witness the plane spontaneously combust and destroy itself, but why? None of them knew each other, and it doesn’t look like they started a support group for Flight 828 right there outside that fence.

And why did Cal (who wasn’t there because he’s a kid) wake up the moment the plane went boom? The passengers are connected to one another, appear to be hearing voices that guide them, and — oh yeah — all of this is cripplingly painful at times. That doesn’t seem to be very convenient for them getting on with their lives.

The above is excerpted from 8 Burning ‘Manifest’ Questions That Kept Twitter Up All Night After That Explosive Premiere, an article written by staff on September 25, 2018.

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