What Does 828 Mean?

One of the more subtle hints throughout the episode — which suddenly became totally not subtle when Michaela made the connection for us — was the recurring usage of the flight’s number, 828. When it was the address where the girls were being held, that was a bit much. Is every life-saving rescue going to have that number?

It was a little more poignant when it was also the Bible verse Michaela’s mother kept quoting to her, and finally embroidered on a pillow, but it might have been nicer to keep it a subtle nod at this point, rather than hit us in the face with it. How long can they keep these numbers recurring? Oh, and yes, it’s totally another nod to “Lost.”

The above is excerpted from 8 Burning ‘Manifest’ Questions That Kept Twitter Up All Night After That Explosive Premiere, an article written by TooFab.com staff on September 25, 2018.

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