What Has Olive Been Doing?

We’ve gotten several hints that Olive (Luna Blaise) has been a bit of a troublemaker, acting out since her twin and father disappeared five-and-a-half years ago. This week, she came right out and told Ben that she’s not the perfect 10-year old he remembers from before he disappeared.

Is this just typical teenage nonsense as we see in any television series with a female teenage daughter, or is Olive mixed up in some seriously shady stuff? She made it all so crytpic, and then her efforts to have Ben help her keep it secret from Grace (Athena Karkanis) really made us skeptical of her motives.

Is she just playing her own father, or was all of that sincere? We really know very little about her, but how much more is there to know? It’s probably nothing, to be honest, but “Manfiest” has us checking under the pillows for ulterior motives and connections to the plane’s disappearance, so we take nothing for granted!

The above is excerpted from 5 Creepy ‘Manifest’ Questions After a Living Statue Starts Freaking People Out, an article written by TooFab.com Staff on October 16, 2018.

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One thought on “What Has Olive Been Doing?

  1. I sympathize with Olive, as I would any 16-year old who has been unwillingly thrust into the impossible and undesirable situation she has found herself. No matter how “grown up” she may seem to appear, the return of her “allegedly dead” father and brother after a 5 and 1/2 year mysterious disappearance would not be normal … for anyone.But Olive does have problems … serious problems. Coupled with the problems associated with becoming socially acclimated to the earth-shattering return of Ben and Cal, she is currently in therapy … twice a week … for years now. Why? Is Olive’s twice a week therapy sessions about Ben and Cal’s disappearance? Or about something not related?Then there’s her relationship with Danny … the man who had permanently replaced Ben in both her and mom’s lives. An emotional attachment that has apparently created an unbreakable and consensual “family-like” bond.It’s obvious that Olive asked Ben to lie to Grace about the shoplifting incident while knowing that Danny would tell Grace. If Danny knows she a “screw up,” so does Grace. I’m guessing she was not only playing her own father, she has ulterior motives for doing so. There’s a lot more to know about Olive.  More importantly is why she clearly prefers Danny over her own father. Perhaps, Ben didn’t give Olive all the emotional attention she so desperately craved before he tragically disappeared. But from all indications, Ben was a loving and caring father to both Olive and Cal.Grace answered Danny’s “how’s Olive” text message regarding the shoplifting problem with “still Olive.” And there’s one little minor thing Olive said to Grace that’s really bothering me which I don’t think has yet been clarified.During the conversation Olive and Grace had after the return of Cal’s toys from Danny’s storage bin, Olive chided Grace about how everyone thought she was crazy for not letting go. Olive said she didn’t let go and she was right. Then she pointedly ended the conservation with: now it was time for Grace to let go. Let go of what?

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