What Is Ben Going to Do?

t was a pretty self-aware moment for Ben when, after meeting Danny, he told Grace that maybe it’s not fair for him to expect and ask her and Olive to let Danny go. They were building a life together with no expectation that Ben or Cal would ever return. Danny probably isn’t a bad dude.

Hell, he showed up without hesitation to pick Olive up from the place where she stole the makeup even though Grace has been giving him the grand brushoff. He’s as much a victim of the craziness as anyone, and if anyone is being a little ridiculous about it, it’s Grace.

She’s clearly conflicted about these two men, but she’s made this weird decision to just cut things off clean with Danny and try again with Ben. On the one hand, we get it, but Danny deserves better than that. That anniversary picture Ben found tells us they’d been together at least a year. Olive’s closeness to him indicates the same or more.

Jared was pretty direct with Michaela (after she saw the ring) about his marriage, opting to rip off the bandage that it was her best friend he’d married, which is still way better than whatever Grace thinks she’s doing. All she’s doing is emotionally tormenting two men by not facing either of them or her own feelings directly and just figuring out.

At this point, Ben is taking that moment out of her hands as he considers stepping back. And honestly, he has way better chemistry with Saanvi and we are ready for that pairing to come together. Now that we’ve met Danny and we like him, the path is open.

The above is excerpted from 5 Creepy ‘Manifest’ Questions After a Living Statue Starts Freaking People Out, an article written by TooFab.com Staff on October 16, 2018.

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One thought on “What Is Ben Going to Do?

  1. Danny probably isn’t a bad dude.

    Probably? We know next to nothing about Danny. He could have killed his wife Nina for all we know.

    she’s made this weird decision to just cut things off clean with Danny and try again with Ben.

    Weird decision? What was she supposed to do, tell Ben the man she had married and been with for 15-years to get lost … again?

    Now that we’ve met Danny and we like him, the path is open.

    Speak for yourself. I don’t like Danny. I consider him a scumbag. But what will Ben do? What he has always done … love his wife and children unconditionally and do everything in his power to protect them. And no, Grace shouldn’t be shoved off in a corner with Danny just because some fans want Ben and Saanvi to end up together in an illicit affair.

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