What is UDS Doing with the Missing Passengers?

All trails led back to Unified Dynamic Systems, a multibillion dollar megacorporation with its fingers in everything. Just look at that name, it’s so generic it could mean anything. And in this case, it was UDS that provided the buses that shipped out the passengers, and it was UDS that bought the farm where Marko was being held.

  • So what is a private company — admittedly with many government contracts and contacts — doing running experiments on the passengers?
  • And what is electrocuting Marko going to tell them?
  • Why are they holding all of these passengers and what are they hoping to learn?

It’s interesting that for the first time we were let into the other side of the story to some extent, even though we only got tormented glimpses of what Marko was enduring. But we saw some faces and saw that his was an organized and methodical, almost scientific torture.

And we also know that Michaela and Jared stumbling onto the farm only delayed the process. And if it starts up the way it went down this way, with Marko still connected to Cal, the kid might not survive.

The above is excerpted from 6 Electrifying ‘Manifest’ Questions as Cal Faces Death, Missing Passengers’ Fate Revealed, an article written by TooFab.com Staff on November 6, 2018.

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