Where Is Leo Anyway?

Bethany further shattered Thomas’ fragile psyche by telling him that she’d learned that Leo disappeared two years after their flight disappeared. Does his disappearance have anything to do with the larger picture of what happened to Flight 828? If the people on the plane are important, perhaps the people around them are, too.

We certainly hope this isn’t a plot thread that will get abandoned completely. Thus far, each week we’ve been moving from one passenger to the next as their lives and stories intersect with Ben and Michaela, usually involving some cryptic calling that ties them together.

Hopefully, though, this is just a first act kind of thing, and these people will show back up on the show as the threads begin to pull tighter and tighter. There are only so many passengers on the plane, and as we saw with “Lost,” it’s perfectly reasonable to stick with and follow the adventures of quite a few of them at once.

Quite frankly, the larger story is ultimately more interesting than these human interest pieces we’re getting to start with, and there’s no way they can expect to maintain this format for the duration of the series. For one thing, there were only 19 people at the plane site when it blew, so that would get us through most of this first season.

We supposed they could expand it to people who’ve left New York since landing, but it’s going to get tired real fast if we just go from one to the next with no larger connection starting to reveal itself. We’re hoping that the use of Kelly’s building is just the first of man connections to come.

The above is excerpted from 5 Creepy ‘Manifest’ Questions After a Living Statue Starts Freaking People Out, an article written by TooFab.com Staff on October 16, 2018.

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