Who Is Isaiah and What Does He Know?

It seems pretty safe to assume we’re not done with him, and especially now that he’ll have to be released from police custody, which is good because we have lots of questions. He was identified as Isaiah, which if the Biblical undertones of the show are any indication, makes him a prophet of sorts. Isaiah was also notable for being one of the few prophets to speak of the wrath of God, which doesn’t bode well.

He made it clear that he knows Michaela and all of “the Chosen.” He also said, “In this life I will serve my penance. When I die, I will return. I will be like you. I will be pure.”

When Michaela insisted she wasn’t pure, Isaiah countered, “Because you haven’t unburdened yourself. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, nothing concealed that will not be illuminated. What have you concealed, Michaela? Even from yourself?”

The above is excerpted from 7 Mysterious ‘Manifest’ Questions After Murder Investigation Introduces Crazy Flight 828 Prophet, an article written by TooFab.com staff on October 9, 2018.

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