Who is Supposed to Find Michaela?

While the Major is on the hunt for the Holy Grail, who is on the hunt for Mick, and where the hell are they? This latest calling has covered two episodes now with no resolution in sight, and notably it isn’t even her calling. Meanwhile, there have been no new callings, so it must be important, right?

All we know is that it’s someone — sounds like a man to us — in blizzard-like conditions with no globes and frostbite settling into his(?) hands. Oh, and he’s carrying around a picture of Micheala. But who is he and why is he looking for her? And why is he absolutely nowhere near where she is, so far as we can tell.

We’re assuming this is not from the past, so there is someone on the hunt for her now or in the near future. But why let her tap into his psyche for this moment? And is it his calling that she’s seeing, or is she seeing his actual actions and thoughts? He doesn’t seem to have any connection to the Major, who would use a much more sophisticated method of dealing with Mick should she choose to do so, so is he an ally? A new threat?

The above is excerpted from 7 Shocking ‘Manifest’ Questions as They Try to Recreate the Flight That Started Everything an article written by TooFab.com Staff on January 15, 2019.

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