Why is Cal so Tied to Marko?

If these callings are supposed to be a good thing, why would Cal’s calling nearly kill him. Presumably, had the torture of one Marko Valeriev continued, Cal would have likely succumbed to his fever and seizures. And Cal’s connection was more than just physical as he was shouting the same things Marko was, even speaking Bulgarian.

Michaela and Ben did some digging and discovered that after Flight 828 landed, displaced passengers were placed on five buses by the government, but only four of them officially arrived anywhere. The fifth one was filled with foreign nationals and people without anyone who would miss them. In other words, they were expendable.

Cal’s connection to Marko, who was tortured throughout the episode for unknown reasons, would indicate that they are supposed to help Marko in some way, but why is his calling so aggressive? And if it weren’t for Ben and Michaela acting on his behalf, Cal would be in no condition to do anything to help Marko, unlike when he crawled through the sewers last week. So how is this calling helpful on an individual basis?

And why just Marko when there are 11 missing passengers. We saw others of them when we slipped into that barn for a few cryptic scenes. What’s so special about Marko?

The above is excerpted from 6 Electrifying ‘Manifest’ Questions as Cal Faces Death, Missing Passengers’ Fate Revealed, an article written by TooFab.com Staff on November 6, 2018.

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