Why is Grace just the worst?

This last question is of a more personal nature, but Grace just showed the absolute worst of herself this week, and she’s been a pretty terrible persona already through most of the season. This isn’t going to get the fans on her side for sure.

After reminding Ben that a plane disappeared for five-and-a-half years and telling him she’s ready to believe anything, Grace immediately refused to even consider what Ben was saying when he finally opened up to her. She did everything short of calling him crazy, and then proceeded to yell at him over and over again.

We get it, lady, your kid is possibly dying and you’re freaking out. But this is your husband and you are being awful to him. It didn’t help that the character moments were the weakest part of this episode overall. It was one built on grand ideas written by someone who wasn’t very good at understanding how people human toward one another.

Still, the ideas are what’s got us hooked and questioning everything.

The above is excerpted from 6 Electrifying ‘Manifest’ Questions as Cal Faces Death, Missing Passengers’ Fate Revealed, an article written by TooFab.com Staff on November 6, 2018.

3 thoughts on “Why is Grace just the worst?

  1. I don’t like Grace and haven’t from the beginning. I don’t blame her for moving on she thought Ben was dead but since his return she has been flipflopping, I mean does she think she is the only one that suffered. She doesn’t even attempt to try and understand Ben or what he missed being gone, she always seems to be blaming him. If you don’t want to be with him then ride off with Danny and the show can go on without you, nothing against the actress just don’t like her character.

  2. Grace definitely isn’t thinking straight. Yes, Cal was apparently and unexpectedly dying. She then, on one hand, promises to listen to what Ben had to say to save Cal … and on the other hand she figuratively slapped him in the face.She basically does the same thing to Saanvi. I sensed a little jealously mixed in with her “I am Ben’s wife and Cal’s mom” exchange with Saanvi. Grace doesn’t really know what’s going on with Ben and Cal, and is emotionally torn … and psychologically absent at times.With Ben, she’s reminded of the seriousness of Cal’s illness, and their past problems with Cal’s illness. With Danny, Cal’s terminal illness and Ben and Cal’s deaths 5 and 1/2 years-plus years ago had become a memory. I suspect that Grace sees herself in a position where she emotionally doesn’t want to be … one in which outwardly she is sincerely thankful for Ben and Cal’s return, and inwardly (deep, deep down in the depths of her soul) regrets it.Questioning Ben’s love for Cal and his family doesn’t help Grace when it comes to being a “the universe gave us a second chance” wife. Ben told Grace she means everything to him. Everything. Olive and Cal also mean everything to him.Ben is willing to die in order to protect his family. Is Danny willing to do the same … die for Cal? Of course, that’s a question Grace will never have enough courage or inner-strength to ever ask herself.  

  3. I sympathize with Grace … to a very limited degree. As I see it, she’s an insecure individual with conflicted raw emotions.
    A mother’s love for her child will always be greater than her love for a spouse or anyone else. Especially a spouse who she recently and openly blamed for taking her terminally ill child away from her.
    So, I’m willing to give Grace a break in this particular situation.

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