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Scene by Scene Script & Commentary Pages

Scene by scene script & commentary are compiled using the following resources:

  • Scene synopses are taken/adapted from Wikipedia.org and Keithlovesmovies.com.
  • Dialogue is from www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk with names, actions and descriptions added. Thus, what is presented is NOT an official script of the episode.
  • Images are screenshots from the show.  NBC retains the copyright.
  • Article excerpts (used as commentary) are from on-line media, and cited inline.
  • Embedded twitter commentary from Jeff Rake and others are embeds from  twitter accounts (e.g.  @jeff_rake, etc.)
  • Embedded giphys are from giphy.com. NBC owns copyright to all episode screenshots.”

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This site is similar to many other fan blog websites created over the years (e.g. Game of Thrones Wiki, Boston Legal, Simpsons, Lost, etc).

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