How many Conspirators are involved in the Puzzle surrounding the Mystery?  


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Jan 10, 2019 7:21 pm  

Unified Dynamic Systems was contracted to bus the kidnapped passengers to the farm where they were illegally experimented on, and tortured for some nefarious scientific purpose. UDS is also responsible for funding the Singularity Project, the organization that conducted the inhumane experiments.

Fiona Clarke is employed by the Singularity Project that funds her Mirror Factor lecture series. SP was under the control of Laurence Belson until he died in an explosion during the successful hostage rescue effort.

Unified Dynamic Systems has a Role in the Conspiracy

JARED: You think they kidnap people?

MICHAELA: You tell me. According to the DMV, the buses that relocated the passengers from the plane were contracted to the government by

JARED: Unified Dynamic Systems.

MICHAELA: Everything that I am coming across points back to UDS. They’re the ones who made the passengers disappear.


Ben would later get a job at UDS’s accounting firm J.P. Williamson where he accessed the firm’s computer system. This enabled him to help find the location where the 828 hostages were being held captive (107.21).

Agencies of the Government are Involved

Robert Vance of the NSA was the lead investigator involved in solving the mystery behind Flight 828’s disappearance and return. Other government agencies blocked Vance’s effort in getting to the truth.

Homeland Security provided Vance with inaccurate information when it involved the actual location of the 11 missing passengers. Give Vance credit. He ignored DHS and continued to investigate 106.22).

Thanks to his dedicated professionalism and persistence, he would discover that a conspiracy involving a government coverup was now a critical part of his investigation (106.24). A government cover-up that would later cost him his life … allegedly.

The United States Congress is Complicit

And why not? What happened to Flight 828 and its passengers was no small event. There are worldwide implications, possibly beyond. The problem with the U.S. Congress, its members are incapable of keeping secrets.

AARON GLOVER: Just something a confidential source said.

BEN: Not good enough.

AARON GLOVER: I won’t name names. Right after 828 returned, Senate Intelligence Committee, House Appropriations started having secret meetings in which they earmarked millions to preserve the phantom shiner. It’s a fish. Hasn’t been seen since the 1940s, so why earmark funds?

BEN: To pay for a clandestine operation.


Phantom shiner:

The phantom shiner (Notropis orca) is an extinct species of fish. It was once endemic to the Rio Grande basin and ranged from central New Mexico to southernmost Texas and adjacent Tamaulipas. Once found in the warm water reaches of the Rio Grande (though never particularly abundant), no specimens have been collected since 1949, and it is believed to be extinct.

UDS, SP, DHS, CIA, the U.S. Congress have all been identified as likely conspirators. How far is this collective of rich and powerful institutions willing to go to get what they collectively want.

What do you think? Who does the Major really work for? How high up the power structure does the conspiracy go? Is the White House involved? Is the international community or other nations involved?

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Jan 14, 2019 2:44 pm  

Who in DHS was responsible for providing Robert Vance with the false information about Lena Rasmussen and the other 10 passengers? (106.22)

Who is the contact person in Unified Dynamic Systems responsible for transporting the 11 passengers to the farm where they were first held hostage? Who drove the five buses to that location? (106.22)(106.19)

How were the hostages transported from the farm to the Red Hook location? (109.9)

Now that Laurence Belson is dead, who's in charge of the Singularity Project? (109.17)

Who chairs the Congressional committees responsible for secretly appropriately money to allegedly save the phantom shiner? (110.14)

What role did the the FAA play in helping to cover for the conspirators? (101.2)

There are a lot of moving parts in the conspiracy. Too many moving parts to keep the conspiracy a secret forever. And when the public discovers the truth, there will be hell to pay.

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May 28, 2019 1:27 pm  

Was Roger Mencin part of the conspiracy? According to Ben, Mencin was studying soil erosion (111.6). Soil erosion? Yet, he is somehow lucky enough to end up keeping secret "magic lightning" information in his possession that gets him killed? And he's previously forced not to testify before Congress, and is strong-armed into signing a nondisclosure agreement (111.8)?

Mencin knew too much about dark lightning to be at the right place at the wrong time. And he somehow accidentally knows too much about what happened to Flight 828 to by be ignored by the super spooks? Was Mencin willingly involved in the conspiracy or was he an innocent victim? From what I've seen regarding Roger Mencin, there's more reason to believe the former than the latter.