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Grace Stone - World's Greatest/Worse Liar  


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Jul 23, 2020 6:12 pm  

In this episode, Grace has something "come up" at work. Here's how it goes:

S1E11 – Ben brings Cal back to Grace at the end of his day with him.

GRACE: There’s my Calamander. I missed you.

BEN: Sorry I came in the house. I wanted to make sure

GRACE: Ben, it’s it’s fine. It’s your house, too. You can come inside.

CAL: Mom, Dad got us TV dinners. It was awesome.

GRACE: Was it, now?

BEN: Salisbury steak always a favorite.

GRACE: I bet. Do you think you can do it again tomorrow? I’ve got this thing that’s come up at work.

Grace, during this line is looking away, shaking her head, and at one point, closed her eyes. She is the worst liar on the planet. Tomorrow is screw Danny day and if Ben couldn’t figure that out he is a total idiot. “I’ve got this thing that’s come up at work.” Right, Dany’s thing is coming up at work. Why can’t she just take Cal to work with her like she did when she told Rob she felt like she was cheating on Danny?

BEN: Yeah, sure. Maybe we could try the turkey dinner.

CAL: But Dad can’t tomorrow. He’s gonna be busy.

Grace is going into panic mode about now. She can’t go without Danny’s thing that has come up!

BEN: I am?

CAL: The man from the plane? He needs your help.

BEN: Man from the plane?

Ben looks at Grace shaking his head.

BEN (TO CAL): Look, I’m sure we can work something out. (TO GRACE) Worst case scenario, it’s Michaela’s day off.

CAL: Awesome. Auntie Mick.

BEN: There we go.

Ben chuckles and gives his son a kiss on the head.

BEN: Love you, kiddo.

Cal then goes off running.

CAL: Olive! Guess what. I got to have Hungry Man.

Ben and Grace look at each other not saying a word, before Ben leaves. He can see in her eye and demeanor what “tomorrow” is all about but he’ll just give it a good cry on his way back to his sister’s apartment and think about his wife screwing another guy all day tomorrow.

S1E11 – Fast forward to the end of the next day and Grace goes the Michaela’s apartment to pick up Cal after a day of sex with Danny.



MICHAELA: Hey, he is all in one piece. I promise.

GRACE: [LAUGHS] I wasn’t worried.

Cal is playing a video game on the television.

CAL: Hey! Mom, watch this.

GRACE: Whoa! Awesome! A lot of blood.

MICHAELA: Yeah, you should see him and Ben get into it. I can’t tell who the kid is.

Grace laughs.

CAL:  I let Dad win sometimes.

GRACE: Oh, that’s my boy.

GRACE (TO MICHAELA): Thank you so much for watching him. He loves spending time with you.

MICHAELA: Not at all. Ditto. How you holding up?

GRACE: Uh you know. It’s not exactly what I had pictured for myself at this point in my life.

Right, she was expecting to be popping out babies for Danny. Then Ben had to show up and complicate things.

MICHAELA: Yeah. You and me both.

GRACE: I take it things with Jared haven’t gotten any less complicated.

GRACE: No. You’ll get through it. You’re amazing, Mick. You two will find your way.

MICHAELA: So will you. Look, I know Ben is my family, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. I’m serious. I am rooting for you guys for both of you.

Grace starts getting the look again and looking away. Again, the worst liar on the plant!

GRACE: Thank you. Rooting for us, too.

I have to hand it to Athena Karkanis, she nailed the “cheating” wife/world’s worst liar thing perfectly!

MICHAELA: He loves you.

GRACE: I know. And I love him. I just hope it’ll be enough.

“Enough?” Enough what? Also note, she di NOT say “And I love Ben,” she said “And I love him.” “him” referring to?


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Jul 23, 2020 10:05 pm  

Outstanding post!!! I agree. The magnificent Athena Karkanis is outstanding when it comes to her portrayal of the "underhanded, lying Grace Stone."

Do you think you can do it again tomorrow? I’ve got this thing that’s come up at work.

Yep. Grace discovered the solution for resolving her "work thing" and has her "work routine" down pat. Ben babysits Cal while she engages in the magical motions of making a baby with Danny. I can visualize the dialogue involving the thoughts in Grace's mind about 'this thing that's come up at work': "While you're watching Cal, Ben; Danny will be pounding and pleasing me with the power of his pleasure-producing package."

And I love him.

Of course, Grace loves Danny. When Ben asked Grace, "This guy, do you love him?" Instead of directly answering the question, Grace refused to tell the truth and deflected by saying, "I love you, Ben, I never stopped loving you." She has never ever revealed to Ben anything significant about Danny. Grace didn't tell him that she and Danny had been living together for years like a married couple. She didn't tell him that Danny had gotten her pregnant because Danny wanted a baby. She didn't tell him that she screwed Danny the day of Olive's shoplifting incident. She never let Ben know that Danny stopped by unannounced when she was home alone.

The first most obvious lie Grace ever told Ben about Danny was when Ben and a baseball bat discovered a Stone family house 'key-carrying' member of Grace's village named Lindsay searching through a closet. Afterwards, she told Ben:

And none of those men are the one man you’re really asking about. You don’t know that man. You’ve never met him. And you will never have to because you came home. You’re finally home.

"You will never have to meet him because you came home?" On top of Grace lying to Ben he would never have to meet Danny, she also told Ben, when Cal had ran away to the mountains, there would be no more secrets between her and Ben. Yeah, right. No more secrets? Except those secrets Grace decides not to reveal. What is not secret when it comes to Grace ... whatever she decides not to reveal to Ben? Grace's lies can be seen through closed eyes of a dead person. 

Thanks for the entertaining and informative post @tjlevi. Your comments are spot-on and proof-positive when it comes to: "Grace Stone - World's Greatest/Worst Liar."

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Jul 24, 2020 2:36 pm  

What strikes me, @tjlevi @charles, about the Michaela/Jared/Lourdes/Zeke thing, the Saanvi/Alex thing, and the Grace/Danny/Ben/Olive/Eden thing is that the first two are upfront, believable, the players and what they are about is known, and pretty much fit right in as acceptable subplots. Everything of significance is above board for the most part.

The last one is a total mystery. there are no scenes shown regarding Grace and Danny's "fun times" while the plane was gone. No clue about who Danny might be including and last name for crying out loud. The various pieces of dialog that Grace uses and her facial expressions are open to all manner of interpretation. he timeline gaps are so telling that the only conclusion is that Grace and Danny are still involved and the truth is nowhere to be found. The whole subplot makes no sense. In S1, the "scent" of Danny was all over the place leading us to believe that, no matter what Grace says, she is still seeing Danny intimately but no script or scene evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Do we believe her words or her face? Her words say one thing but her face says another. 

Then we have S2. Boom, Danny fades off into the sunset after a chance meeting on the Upper West Side in S2E1 and except for the truly stupid "Let's tell the world the baby is Danny's, he won't mind" BS, Danny is no more. Sorry loving relationships just don't end like that. The whole Grace/Danny/Ben/Olive/Eden thing was totally screwed up from the beginning by the writers. I have no problem with her moving on, finding love, getting knocked up, the whole nine yard but tell us about it and put it to rest in a normal manner, whatever that might be. To me, the fact that when the plane landed, she was not "Mrs. What's His Name" is beyond me.

S3. Who the "f" knows? Are they just going to continue on like Danny never existed and hope people will forget the screwed up writing? Do they bring him back to stir the pot? I, at this point, don't care and I hope they learned a writing lesson and don't get anything else so messed up they can't get out of it.

That is all, for now.

Mary Grace

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Jul 25, 2020 3:39 pm  

@admin, please move this thread to Episode 11 - Contrails. I mistakenly posted it in the wrong forum, Thanks.

@marygrace and @charles, I'm in step with both of you on your comments. Bottom line for me, judging by Grace's facial expressions, is that she, for some reason has been deceiving Ben from S1E1 through S2E13. I know her words say one thing but her lying eyes give her away every time, especially when she and Ben hug and we see her face. It is painful. She is in pain that she, for some reason, is having to play the "I love you, Ben, I've never stopped loving you' game. It's quite obvious.

The baby made the game even harder especially when she found out the Ben IS the father. She was hoping the test would show Ben was NOT the father and the process for getting out of the marriage could start. This explains why she went from "Bitch Grace" is S1 to "Sweet Grace" in S2, she had no choice. The marriage had to continue. I am looking through S2 to find the time line gaps that provided an opportunity for her to see Danny. She even deceived Olive is S2E1 when they met Danny while shopping. Danny was fully aware she was pregnant at that time. Grace informed him as soon as she missed her first period. I'd like to see that text, "I'M LATE!"

Grace Stone has weaved a very tangled web of lies and deceit and she is determined, somehow, to leave Ben and setup house with Danny. Did Danny and Grace have sex in S2? Sex while pregnant is okay and will not harm the baby according to the Mayo Clinic website. They also state, "oral sex is also safe during pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, experiment to find what works best. Let your creativity take over, as long as you keep mutual pleasure and comfort in mind." There is no reason to think they were not screwing and munching all during S2.

I suspect in S3, Grace will begin laying the groundwork to resume her "Danny Family." The sexual rendezvous will continue and I hope we get some Grace/Danny scenes like Michaela/Jared and Michaela/Zeke and to some extent Saanvi/Alex. Grace is to only one who has not had a hot bedroom scene. So what can Grace do to get the ball(s) rolling to get what she wants, Danny? The possibilities are endless. She may hire someone to seduce Ben into having an affair so she can divorce him and get custody of the kids. She could set him up to get arrested. Another grounds for divorces. What else?


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Jul 26, 2020 1:37 pm  

@tjlevi and @MaryGrace, I concur. The timeline gaps, which have failed to show the continuity and clarity; and the development of intimacy in Grace and Danny's "romantic" relationship have been nothing more than an unmitigated clusterf***.

As MaryGrace stated:

... timeline gaps are so telling that the only conclusion is that Grace and Danny are still involved and the truth is nowhere to be found. 

It's not good when the truth is nowhere to be found in an " honest and loving" relationship. Then too, as factually stated by Tom:

Grace is to only one who has not had a hot bedroom scene. 

Is it because she's the only main female character who is married? Or is it because she's the only female on the show who has been pregnant 3-times? Or is it a "shade of grey" circumstance intentionally created by the showrunner? None of which should matter. The only things that should should matter are clarity and continuity in the writing and storytelling. To be honest, the writing and storytelling when it comes the timelines involving Grace's lying and disceitfulness (and her involving with and relationship to Danny) contain enough black holes large to swallow an infinite number of galaxies.

Thanks, Tom and MaryGrace, for keeping it real.