Is Dark Lightning responsible for time travel and mind melds?  


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Jan 15, 2019 3:01 am  

Fiona Clarke seems to be have been on the side of the good guys. She told Bill Daley she knew nothing about Dark Lightning. She was probably being truthful. She also said that she was kept out of the loop about her research being used by the Singularity Project. Again, she was apparently telling the truth.

During Daley and Ben's aircraft simulation flights, with the addition of the computerized weather information provided by Dr. Roger Mencin, the Dark Lightning effects contained in the storm on April 7, 2013 were precisely replicated. The flight simulations, however, didn't conclusively prove that Dark Lightning is what caused the plane to travel through time to 2018.

Accord to Ben, it was possible for the flight simulator to physically fly through time. But the flight simulations did repeatedly show that Flight 828 crashed while flying through the Dark Lightning-simulated storm. And let's not forget Saanvi Bahl. Her research discovered evidence of a near-death that was experienced by her and other passengers aboard Flight 828.

Fiona Clarke also said what happened to Flight 828 wasn't accidental. Which means someone had intentionally planned what happened, causing both the plane's disappearance and creating changes which allowed the collective consciousness of selected passengers to meld.

Was Dark Lightning solely responsible for Flight 828 flying through time? Or was it only the catalyst for something bigger? Something more important? Something so more important that it literally has the advanced technological expertise to instantaneously reprogram and connect the collective consciousness of selected individuals. While simultaneously stopping time.

Is Dark Lightning responsible for Flight 828's time travel? Or is it simply the key to opening the door to time travel? Was Dark Lightning responsible for the passengers near-death experience? Or was it something else?

Did Dark Lightning cause Flight 828 to travel on April 7, 2013 into the future where the collective consciousness of passengers were programmed? And then returned the plane to the past on November 4, 2018? What do you think?