What Did the Gov't Know in 2013?  


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16/01/2019 3:27 pm  

Whether or not black lightning had anything to do with the disappearance of Flight 828, it is interesting that the government was apparently falsifying data surrounding the flight all the way back to 2013. Were they just covering their butts because they knew nothing, or was it perhaps because they knew something?

If so, did they know the plane was going to come back? Has this been a coordinated five-and-a-half year experiment this whole time? If so, we have to imagine some elements went beyond their control, as they'd never want the plane's return to be so highly publicized that their subjects are now world-famous.

That's now how you control an experiment. Or if they didn't know what was going on, what was their motivation in duping the public about what they did know or did see or did experience?

The above is excerpted from 7 Shocking 'Manifest' Questions as They Try to Recreate the Flight That Started Everything an article written by Staff on January 15, 2019.