What's the Red "X" Suppose to Mean?  


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29/01/2019 8:42 pm  

With the threat of the Major looming over the passengers of Flight 828 on "Manifest," we don't have time to worry about another group of haters. We're still trying to figure out what the hell is going on!

This week, though, that new danger emerged and it appears to be far more organized than what we first saw. It began with a simple act of vandalism at Ben's home -- a rock through the window and a red "X" on the front door. The red "X" has historic connotations, too, as a marker that there is no one left alive in a home after a plague.

In this case, though, it seems to indicate no one desirable is left alive, or perhaps that no one human is left alive. That seems to be the message of this new hate group, led by a creepy man named Cody Webber. He's got a website, pictures of the survivors, and who knows how many acolytes.

By the end of the hour, a matching red "X" appeared on the laboratory door where Saanvi works, which is even creepier than the brazen daylight attack at the Stone house. This was done inside a place of business that has some level of security, and there were two men within her line of sight when she discovered it who either didn't know it was there, or knew all too well.

It's a sinister subplot that we're not sure the show needed with the already-terrifying threat of the Major and her massively organized force, but now we're even more nervous for Cal and Ben and everyone else who survived that flight. And all the while, we're trying to be excited about what the introduction of Zeke might mean for the real mysteries of the show.

The above is excerpted from 6 Stormy 'Manifest' Questions as Terrorist Threat Emerges, New Time Travel's Dark Secret Is Revealed an article written by Staff on January 29, 2019.

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09/02/2019 3:21 pm  

It's the equivalent of hate groups burning crosses on the privately-owned home lawns of the innocent victims they're trying to physically intimidate.

The color red signifies the willingness to violently shed the blood of those who have had their property marked by the "X." The "X" itself represents death. JMO.