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Flashbacks and Shadows  


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Mar 17, 2020 12:32 am  


The flashbacks in this episode appeared to have been staged more like a photo shoot rather than events which naturally happened. It was revealed that Michaela never returned to "Our Place;" the place where Jared asked her to marry him ... in front of her family. Where was Jared's mom in the flashback? And her two BFF's, Evie and Lourdes? Wouldn't Jared have wanted them present? After all, supposedly, Michaela also loved and considered each of them family?

Grandpa Steve shows up to see his daughter, Michaela, get engaged to Jared; but he's absence during the expected and unexciting birth of his new granddaughter, Eden. By the way, I like the name, Eden, and think it's the perfect name. Being born in 29-weeks was probably better than being born in less than 9 1/2 weeks. I'll be surprised if a flashback isn't ever shown pinpointing the exact day Eden was conceived. Maybe she was conceived in the Shadows.

Speaking of shadows, there's Adrian and his flashback. In his flashback, it was revealed that he is a preacher's son. His monotone conservation with the passenger on Flight 828 was less inspiring than all of his other corn-canned conversations combined. Perhaps, the intent of Adrian's flashback was to bring him out of the shadows and put him in danger of a trio of mysterious Shadow Monsters?


Shadows have existed in Manifest since the beginning; and now they exist everywhere. There was Kelly Taylor's mysterious Shadow figure following her in the parking garage. The most famous of all Shadow figures is the one which appeared in Cal's drawing. The Shadow in Cal's drawing has now replicated; and become an entire group of indistinctive Shadows which are now overshadowing the Stone family.  

Now that Adrian is no longer in hiding and is out of the shadows, what do his large looming trio of gigantic Shadow Monsters have planned for him? Will they drive him mad because he believes the Callings are running a con game, i.e., to condition the passengers to blindly obey without any moral consideration for what's right or wrong? Perhaps, Adrian's correct. The Callings are about destruction. The trio of Shadow Monsters will also make Cal aware of their presence.

What do you think about the flashbacks? Were they informative or not? What about the Shadow Monsters? Are Adrian and Cal's Shadow Monsters one and the same? Or are there two different groups of Shadow Monsters ... operating independently separately?