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Grace or the Baby?  


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Mar 17, 2020 2:54 am  

First. I must say that I'm extremely pleased Grace didn't die. Next. I'm happy that Grace is no longer pregnant. It's easy to dislike Grace. Intended or not, the writers have made it very easy to dislike Grace's character. When it comes strictly to the writing involving her character. Initially keeping Danny and what happened between them a secret from Ben were unforgivable sins committed by Grace.

Some viewers probably stopped watching because of Ben and Grace's dysfunctional and divisive marital relationship. Making her pregnant and then killing her character off would have been 100 times more unforgivable from some viewers points of view. JMO.

The baby and the bad guys

Now that Eden has been born, what's next? Will she rapidly age like baby Isabelle in The 4400? Will she have special powers to protect herself like baby Wyatt in Charmed? Or will Eden be normal and Grace continue to have Callings? More importantly, how is Eden connected to Flight 828 ... other than her father, brother, and aunt were passengers on the flight? Maybe the Shadow in Cal's drawing has manifested into a death Calling; and now represent the Shadows of his dad, aunt, and Cal himself? Who knows? But what happens next will be just as confusing and convoluted as what has happened before?

Simon White's X'ers are gone. But Cody Webber's group of "Red-X" haters remain. If they're one and the same, then Webber wasn't arrested. The threat and danger to the Stone family and little Eden didn't go away by removing Simon from the chess board. The Major hasn't moved out of her posh apartment with a view yet. Olive and Cal apparently think walking on a public street in broad daylight gives them immunity from cults, kooks, and spooks. But the villains and zealots remain ... and they aren't going anywhere.

Premature choices should not be made prematurely

The only thing special about baby Eden Stone's birth is that she was born prematurely. Yes, her mother, Grace, had womb-related tissue issues; but no problem. Grace isn't scheduled to die anytime soon. But her father, Ben; brother, Cal; and aunt, Mick all have a date death ceremony scheduled for June 2, 2024. And it wouldn't have been fair to ask big sister, Olive, to become Eden's substitute mom if real mom Grace had died.

Good call, Ben. Choosing Grace over the baby was the right choice. It was your choice to make, not Grace's. She's a mother. She will always choose her unborn child's life over her own. If it was possible, she would have chosen for Ben to die for both her and the baby. Thanks for manning up, Ben. As horrible and unfeeling as it may have appeared, you made the right decision to save Grace's life instead of the baby.

Adrian was also correct when he told Ben the Apocalypse was coming. Not to mention visions of hellish-like, otherworldy airplane crashes; there have been repeated visions of peacocks, wolves, and gargoyles in conjunction with the premature birth of baby Eden Stone. Is what's coming Paradise or Apocalypse? The beginning of something new? Or the end of something old?

What does the premature birth of Eden Stone mean? Is an Apocalypse coming? Is Eden the Holy Grail? Will Grace continue to have Callings? What do you think?