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Undercover and Underpinnings  


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Mar 17, 2020 1:23 am  

Undercover unwrapped

Newsflash ... stop the presses ... Jared was undercover all along ... Hallelujah! Jared loves Michaela so much he'll do his job, as a police officer who had taken a sworn oath to do his duty, and save her life ... and also save the life of her boyfriend who replaced him, Zeke. Good for Jared. He'll probably be Lt. Vasquez soon. Perhaps, Capt Bowers will put Jared in charge of all of the detectives in the 129th Precinct.

Jared behaved like the hero he has become; he busted the X-er organization. Simon White and his pregnant wife Erika ... arrested. Billy "the kid" and his buddies ... arrested. Billy's sister, Tamara's in tears ... which means no more "playing hide the sausage" with Jared anytime soon.

By the way, where was Mick's new partner, Detective Drea Mikami? Drea's never around for the good stuff. Night club on fire, visiting her partner locked in a cell, and assisting in raiding the X'er bar. No partner. No problem. Drea probably has a lot of vacation time and her mom's wealthy. She's probably on vacation in Jamaica. Why not?

The X'er Files

So, Jared was undercover and Bowers knew it. Jared notified the X'ers of Michaela's raid on the garage location. Obviously, Bowers approved all of Jared's actions. But what about Jared handing over Michaela's investigative files to Simon White? What was the purpose? Jared could have handed over fake files to Simon.

Yes, Simon gave Michaela's files to Internal Affairs; not Jared. So, what? If Internal Affairs was dirty, they could have opened a case on Detective Michaela Stone and obtained the files themselves? On the other hand, if Simon wanted to implicate or embarrass Michaela, it he could have made up "crap" and posted it on the internet. It's the internet. Most of the conspiracy theories on the internet are untrue and unprovable anyway.

Thinking without blinking

I'm guessing the only reason Capt Bowers brought Michaela on-board her secret two-person undercover operation was because she needed the extra help? Or was it before or after she gave Jared permission to let Detective Stone know what was really happening with the X-ers?

What do you think? Are the storylines unnecessarily overdone? Or are we, as fans, overly analyzing the plots and storylines? Or are those writing the storylines doing so in order to please us fans by giving us infinite amounts of error-filled plots and storylines to dissect?