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A Combination of Conjoined Callings  


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Mar 24, 2020 1:41 am  

There were a lot of Callings in this episode. Why not? After all, the premise of Manifest is about the manifestation of hearing and seeing things ... imaginary or otherwise. Callings are about the hearing and seeing of things ... imaginary or otherwise. Therefore, Manifest is all about Callings. Nothing more. Nothing less. Or perhaps, nothing at all.

Shadows and Shady Callings

The three shadow monsters tend to have a habit of visiting Cal at night. When he turns the light on, they disappear. Maybe he should talk to them. If he does, they could possibly reveal to him why they are only Calling on him at night. They could be friendly spirits who simply want Cal to sneak out of the house at night to play with them?

Michaela had the same Calling "Let Him Go" ... on two different times. The first time to let the young "cold medicine" shoplifter go. Which she did. The second time was when she arrested the creepy meth dealer ... who warned her about arresting him. A warning which she ignored by arresting him. In the jail cell, the creepy meth dealer along with his two associates mirrored the three creepy shadow monsters on the jail cell's wall.

Then there was Michaela "talking to herself;" asking for guidance. Just like she did when Jared was injured during the Red Hook explosion. She also informed Jared about her "Let Him Go" Calling and about the death dates. Was Mick's "Let Him Go" Calling about the shoplifter or Zeke? Jared asked and I don't blame him for asking. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Family Callings

Ben had a "Hit by a Train" death Calling. And TJ had a mural of a "Phoenix" rebirth and renewal Calling. With a little help from Grace and Cal ... and Eureka! ... the mural of the Phoenix is located exactly where it's located. Long story short. The words to a lullaby song Cal uses to calm his little sister Eden was written by a mystery man the Callings wanted both Ben and TJ to save.

Why did the different Callings want both Ben and TJ to save the mystery man? Who knows? Callings work in mysterious ways. Anyway, the mystery man ends up being Zeke's dad. Zeke's mom visits him in the hospital earlier and then Zeke gets the chance to later visit his estranged dad in the same hospital. I don't remember Zeke receiving any Calling about his dad. And Saanvi, who was treating Zeke at the hospital, didn't receive any Calling either. Forget Callings for Saanvi. She no longer has the ability to receive Callings ... from wherever or whomever Callings originate.

The Callings appear to have worked out for Zeke. The audience got to meet both of his parents in this episode. That's more than can be said for Grace. Not only has the audience never met her parents, it's never been revealed if she has parents. Maybe two of the shadow monsters are Grace's parents? And the third shadow monster is the entity Grace's parents promised Grace's hand in marry?

Do Callings represent good or bad? Do Callings represent everything in the universe? Are they manifestations of nothingness? Or are they manifestations of nothing which may or may not represent something? What happens to Michaela because she refused her Calling to let the meth dealer go? What happens to Saanvi because she can no longer receive Callings? What happens to Zeke? After all, as Michaela said, "I need to understand." What do you think? What's going to happen?