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The four month time-jump  


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Mar 24, 2020 12:24 am  

According to Grace, it has been 4-months since the last episode. There's the conversation when she told Ben not to forget Eden's 4-month check-up. Wow. At the rate the storylines in Manifest are progressing, Little Eden will be celebrating her first birthday before she celebrates her first Christmas.

Time-related questions

Since it's been 4-months, the question has to be asked, i.e., what has happened in the last 4-months? I'm guessing the three shadow monsters chasing Adrian the last time he was seen scared the bejeesus out of him; so much so, he left town ... quick and in a hurry.

Saanvi seem to have cleaned-up and cleared her mind. Four months ago, she was behaving Whack ... as if she was on Crack. Whatever Alex gave her to calm her down worked. Saanvi's not afraid of any prophesy written in the Al-Zuras Journal. She practices modern medicine ... not witchcraft or bloodletting and leeches. Now that her hospital privileges have been revoked, it would appear that her ability to practice medicine has ended. WTH? Does this mean no more cancer treatments for Cal?

Girls and their boy toys

Apparently, Michaela and Jared have worked their relationship problems out? Jared no longer wants to control Mick and Mick no longer wants to not be Jared's friend. All is good within soap opera land. Except, Mick has agreed to marry Zeke whose body is decaying as each day passes. She told Jared about Zeke. She also informed Jared about her death date. Poor Jared. What will he do? Comfort Mick or beg and plead for Tamara to forgive him? Then too, what about Mick's partner, Drea? It could work Jared.

What happened to Olive? Did she leave town to attend college at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. ... just like her mom and dad? Or was she on the long-planned trip with Danny to climb a mountain in Acadia National Park? Or has TJ moved into her room and replaced her as a family member? Why not? Cal now considers TJ a family member ... like his big brother? Does TJ consider Olive his girlfriend? If so, wouldn't Cal consider TJ and Olive's relationship to be incestuous?

Does the 4-month time jump make sense? What month is it anyway ... October, November, or December? The story is still taking place in 2019, isn't it? During the last 4-months, what have the three shadow monsters been up to? Cooking meth or meddling around in other people's minds? Where's Olive? Is the Major involved in revoking Saanvi's hospital privileges? What do you think? WTH is going on in Manifest?