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The Frozen Finale  


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Apr 7, 2020 12:20 am  

The best way to enjoy Manifest going forward is to forget everything that happened before the season 2 finale. Forget any of the timelines. Forget what happened with any of the character storylines. Forget what happened in season 1. Forget everything. Only remember what happened in the season 2 finale.

Oops ... sorry ... too bad

The Major admitted to Saanvi she was monitoring the Stone family home. She knew all about Zeke. She also knew about the wedding; but she allowed the three meth head shadows to kidnap Cal? Again, why was she monitoring the Stone family home?

And c'mon, as important as the Major was to national security and discovering the Holy Grail, she's in the habit of strolling around at night by herself; knowing the man she tried to kill, Robert Vance, was still alive? Good luck, Saanvi. Regardless of intent, Saanvi just murdered a U.S. Army Major General who worked for someone higher up the food chain in Black Ops who outrank her. Run Saanvi Run. And take Vance with you.

The hostage ransom exchange involving Cal, the meth dealers, and Michaela was somewhat entertaining; but it was more Keystone Cops than anything else. In short, it was an unbelievable cluster-frack. Without thinking or knowing why, Jared helps Michaela by signing for the contraband drugs. Then he, and Drea, later join Team Michaela to help save Cal. The exchange was blown because in part a uniform police officer couldn't tell the difference between a fake police detective's badge than a real one?

No regrets without threats

Grace threatening Capt Bowers with an action she wouldn't be able to carry-out was the personification of stupidity. To be honest, the entire Stone family's attempted plan to outwit both Capt Bowers and the three meth head shadows was stupid. Then too, it was what it was ... and that is that.

The Major told Saanvi there was no cure for the Death Date. She did say the blood anomaly could be replicated as a weapon for national defense purposes. But she didn't say how? Stay tuned. Although the Major's dead, S3 should be interesting. Major General Fitz's replacement will ... hopefully ... want to avenge her death.

Crying into a glass of questions

Zeke was "resurrected." Michaela never stopped crying throughout the entire episode. Ben has again anointed himself savior and self-appointed leader of all the Flight 828 passengers. Jared was willing to do anything Michaela wanted ... no questions asked ... just like in S1. Drea was on board with whatever's going down because she now considers herself family. Her having a wealthy mom would probably help if she was fired from her job. Cal discovered he again needed Olive's help and sent her a coded message to indicate the location his three "supernatural" kidnappers held him captive.

In general, the finale was actually somewhat intriguing. Not thought-provokingly great. But intriguing. What's up with the three meth dealers? Are they supernatural shadows? Or are they being unwittingly manipulated by supernatural powers? What happens between Jared, Michaela, and Zeke next season? Will they become a threesome?

What about Saanvi? Will she tell Grace about the Major monitoring the Stone family home? What about the Stone family? Will they continue to sleep in bed together? What happened to Flight 828? Did it explode in midair? Or was the wreckage shown at the end of the episode from a different timeline in a different world than the story is currently taking place? Intriguing.

Does Manifest deserve another season? What do you think? 

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Apr 7, 2020 9:46 am  

I personally would like an S3 but I think they filmed two S2E13's. One was a Season Finale and the other was a Series Finale. I think we saw the Series Finale. I think the S3 discussions are not going well. I think the ratings have driven ad rates to the basement. I'm not optimistic at all and I hope I am wrong. The time slot replacement is an amateur songwriting show. America will eat it up because people don't have to think. Sorry, my opinion.

As far as the what's and wherefores of this Finale. I'm still trying to see a "big picture" and I'm not there yet. I have to re-watch it. I'll post something later


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Apr 7, 2020 11:30 am  

I think they filmed two S2E13's.

Agreed. I think you're correct. Ending the Major's storyline. Resurrecting Zeke. A Cuban fishing boat locating wreckage from Flight 828. The disappearance of the 3 Meth-heads, i.e., the 'could-be' sinister shadows. The scene of the Stone family all in bed together. Everything that was shown could be interpreted as an "open-ended" series finale ending.

I think the ratings have driven ad rates to the basement.

This is a fact. Unfortunately, ratings matter and the S2 ratings were nothing to brag about. Advertisers make decisions based on ratings ... whether fans like it or not.

I'm still trying to see a "big picture" and I'm not there yet.

When you do see the "big picture," please let me know. The more I watch; the more distorted the overall premise of the story becomes. I'm totally confused and lost. I don't know if the story's about the return of a missing airplane or a rip in the space/time continuum where supernatural "gods" in an unknown dimension are using the space/time rip to manipulate events in another dimension.

Thanks for helping me keep sane @tjlevi by keeping it real.