The Yusuv Al-Zuras connection  


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Feb 11, 2020 6:37 pm  

What do peacocks, wolves, gargolyes, gray woman statues, constellations like the Gemini Twins, and tarot cards have common? There are all a part of the world of Manifest. How exactly they are connected has yet to be determined. Stay tuned. Hopefully, an explanation will be provided.

Flight 828 disappears and returns after 5 1/2 years and it's a world-wide event. Break out the champagne and ticker tape parades. Just kidding. There was no time to celebrate because it was more important to kidnap, torture, and leave some of the returnees in a catatonic state. And to secretly allocate money to save an extinct species of fish known as the phantom shiner; as a pretense to search for some mysterious Holy Grail that's somehow connected to the return of Flight 828. Wouldn't the allocated money been better spent on dark lightning research? Why no allocations for dark lightning research?

One would think that dark lightning would have more practical applications than the Holy Grail. Dark lightning's the reason Flight 828, Zeke Landon, James Griffin, and Yusuv Al-Zuras returned from the dead, isn't it? Stop. Think about it for a moment. Yusuv Al-Zuras from the 16th Century has just been identified as a returnee. So much for the Aftershock Theory. Flight 828's disappearance and return weren't solely responsible for Zeke Landon and James Griffin's returns. Al-Zuras or whatever caused him to disappear for 10-years in the 16th Century must also be blamed for everything that's currently happening with the modern day returnees.

Yusuv Al-Zuras is reported to have heard the voice of God in his head. Was he hearing his own voice, or was he hearing a voice in his head he didn't recognize? Or did he think that he himself was God? No one will ever know, unless Al-Zuras makes a personal appearance. Who knows? Maybe he will. As Cal said, "It's all connected" ... just like the internet. If the human collective consciousness in the world of Manifest operates like some kind of interdimensional cosmic internet, don't be surprised if TJ doesn't start receiving Callings from Yusuv Al-Zuras himself. Then it will be proven, without any doubt, that, "It's all connected." And the Al-Zuras storyline will not just be another plot device which will be thoughtlessly discarded.