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What was Grace Really Thinking? - Part II  


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Feb 11, 2020 6:11 pm  

@charles Charles Moore some of this is a repeat of your great post earlier. This is my take with the actual dialog with my "On The Wall" dialog added:

Grace: I’m thinking maybe, maybe we should do the story.

Ben: Grace I thought we agreed to keep the pregnancy to ourselves, if the X’ers found out…

Me On The Wall: Really Grace? You want to go on TV and tell the world that the baby was conceived before the plane came back by a man who had already bred you once and you miscarried that one and so you decided to try again and oh by the way you never bothered to marry this guy you’d been “going steady” with and screwing in the house with a young daughter for 3 years, nice. Or do you want to say the baby was conceived after the plane arrived and you decided to cheat on your husband with your old boyfriend. Nice Grace that makes you an adulterer at a minimum and a whore at most. You really want to announce either of those things to the world? Maybe not. Ben she wants to announce to the world your cuckold status. You good with that?

Grace: That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Ben you told me about Orlena.

Ben: What does she have to do with this?

Me On The Wall: I’ll tell you Ben. They are both cheating whore wives who obviously have never heard of “safe sex” nor marital vows.

Grace: Five years she convinced people that her son Theo was her husband’s and not a passenger’s and so that got me thinking that maybe we could convince people that our baby girl is not an 828 baby.

Ben: What are you saying?

Me On The Wall: Ah Grace, you’ve been thinking. Right, you dreamed this little scheme up all by yourself. Ben think of it this way, she wanted Danny’s baby all along and you had to screw that up, literally.

Grace: We could tell, we could tell people she’s Danny’s.

Ben: What?

Me On The Wall: Now the truth comes out, Grace. Señor Danny and you have been cooking up this little story with your faithful employee Rob. How long after being aroused at the Danny meeting on the Upper Westside did it take for you to dump Olive and go meet up with your stud man? Ten minutes max? Ben, once she announces to the world that the baby is Danny’s, you’ll never get custody of it. Danny will lay claim to it and your wifey.

Grace: I’m sure Danny would go along with it. Two different callings have warned us that the baby might be in danger. I’m scared.

Ben: I am too. I’m terrified.

Me On The Wall: Of course Danny would go along with it, it was his freaking idea! Ben, open your freaking eyes! Your wifey pooh is still screwing Danny boy!

Grace: It was just an idea. I’m sorry

Ben: I will protect our baby. We both will. Together.

Me On The Wall: Yeah right Grace, just an idea. An idea that you are going to execute no matter what. Ben, the protection will be from Danny and Grace because she’s looking to get out.

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Feb 11, 2020 6:58 pm  

Absolutely brilliant ... pure genius. The best "raw and humor-filled" comment I've ever read about Grace and Ben. And I'm not using hyperbole. I hope that many other viewers take the time to read your comment. IMHO, not only is it ROTF humorous; it's an accurate portrayal of Ben and Grace's dysfunctional relationship.

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