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Where were Saanvi's parents?  


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Feb 11, 2020 12:51 am  

When Saanvi returned from her 5 1/2 years airplane flight from who knows where, her parents wouldn't let her leave the house. But now, for some inexplicable reason, she has her own apartment, is hospitalized and her overly-protective parents are no where to be found. Saanvi is hospitalized and her parents are a no-show? It would be easier to believe that Jon Snow could murder Daenarys Targaryen in cold-blood; and the Dothraki and Unsullied would blindly close their eyes, idly sit on their hands, and do nothing.

Of course, Ben showed up when Saanvi was hospitalized. Saanvi's attending physician discussed Saanvi's medical condition with him as if he was her next of kin, i.e., her husband ... or father. But it's not the first time someone has been hospitalized and their next of kin was missing in action. When Jared was hospitalized after the Red Hook explosion, his wife Lourdes never showed up. Either she was in no hurry to get to his side. Or she couldn't find a ride. No problem. Her BFF Michaela took care of her husband, Jared, when she was unable to do so.

When Michaela got shot; and was in recovery, the attending physician discussed her medical condition directly with Ben. Ben was also the only family member officially allowed to visit Michaela in recovery. Cal was present; but he didn't have permission. Steve Stone, Michaela's father, was present; but not relevant. Why was he there anyway? As a actor, pretending to be Michaela's father?

I still can't believe that Saanvi's parents were a no-show. What do you think? Why weren't they holding Saanvi's hands when she confined to a hospital bed? Where were they? Were they on vacation? On a business trip? Or were they too busy to be bothered?