Is Danny the Major?  


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by Cathy Munson-Klein |
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Nov 9, 2018

We know almost nothing about Danny’s life, other than that he met Grace at a bereavement support group meeting and he has expensive, high action sporting equipment in his storage unit. He took Grace scuba diving and is training Olive to go rock climbing in a spot that’s a harsh environment, but does have some easy pitches. He’s able to drop what he’s doing, day or night, for whatever Olive needs, whether it’s someone to get her out of a shoplifting bust or someone to pay attention to her.

He’s refused to stop seeing Olive, on the basis that he doesn’t have his own children, so he can’t give her up. Which is hella creepy when you think about it. He forgot to have his own kid, so he’ll just take Ben’s, because he’s given her a spin and likes her. And now Grace is being possessive with Cal, because she missed him while she thought he was dead, and she wants to punish Ben. Wonder where she got the idea that you own your kids, and can just treat them like objects, from?

Danny is probably a military psychiatrist or psychologist in charge of an entire MKUltra style program. He knows every manipulation, brainwashing and interrogation technique there is, and he’s used half of them on Grace, but he didn’t really need to. He encouraged her to hate Ben and to blame him for everything that went wrong. He encouraged her to keep Cal’s memory fresh, and to feel possessive of her children.

Grace seems to have been selfish and needy before the flight disappeared, but she’s obsessively so now. Before, her narcissism was on the level of a tendency. Now, it’s full-blown and destructive. As in, she’ll destroy anyone who gets between her and what she wants. Danny coached her to that place. He wanted her to be ready to toss aside her husband in favor of him.

He’s deeply embedded in Grace’s family because the project knew the Stones would be important, especially Cal, and they knew they’d need to have Cal’s mother on their side to experiment on him. It’s already established within the family that Olive is safe doing things alone with Danny, and that it’s okay to keep secrets in any configuration of the family members. It’s also established that in the minds of Grace, Olive and Danny, Cal and Ben are mentally unstable since they came home, and nothing Cal or Ben say can be trusted to be reliable.

Thus, you have the perfect set up for Danny to “get close” to Cal, when he’s actually doing experiments on him. Or on him and Olive. Twin studies are a huge thing. Olive is the control group, and as such she’s also very important.

Grace is so desperate to be lied to and told that everything is FINE and NORMAL and that she’s PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL, that Danny doesn’t even have to do any convincing to make her sell out her family. All he has to do is whisper a few sweet nothings and tell her he’ll take care of everything. She’ll think he’s the perfect man, while he’s torturing her children, and threatening that he’ll hurt them if they say anything. Or he’ll make Cal and Olive forget the experiments, using whatever mind wipe technology they used on the passengers to make them forget what happened during the 5 1/2 missing years.

What nefarious purpose is the Acadia trip really code for?

*I love Daniel Sunjata. I have a fantasy that Danny is sincere and harmless in his familial love for Olive and Grace. I want him to realize what’s happening with Cal and decide to help Ben in any way he can. Then Ben and Danny are the buddy cops who save the day. But there is no point to Danny as a character if they do that. He’d be Ben 2.0. So he’s in the mix to do something else, not to be the guy who will fight to the ends of the earth for those kids.

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I'm so glad you wrote this. I just saw the episode where he meets Grace at the bereavement group and he's so PREDATORY! He throws such an icky vibe. And wasn't that only 6 months after Ben and Cal disappeared? Gross. I don't know what his deal is but the writer saying that Danny's feelings "are legitimate" and his unwillingness to let go of Olive or leave this family alone when Grace's basically TOLD him she wants to stay with Ben is gross gross gross. I'm not sure if the writers are writing it intentionally that way but it's coming off that way for sure 🙁

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 I don’t see Danny as the Major.


The Major wouldn’t be interested in the course of his work in fooling around with one couple. The Major would be a hardened type intent on goals, intent on achieving success (let’s really crank up the voltage). These goals could  be “let’s see what happens” (scientific) or “we could get people to buy / sell, more / less” (economic) or “We could actually achieve the Manchurian Candidate on a grand scale” (military) or “we can people thinking alike” (education), or part of all of them.

Even in a fictional world, the logistics needed to create all of the events portrayed from take-off to landing would border on the just plain lucky.  The villains aren’t completely in control for they experience unplanned events; twice now, Ben and the crew have broken up experiments

No, Danny is an opportunist, and a stone cold one, too. “Acadia? Yes”. “No Acadia? We’ll forget Acadia”. “Thought you’d not come again”. “Wish I could go to the soccer game”. “Right back at ya’”.   “Got over Nina, will get over you (Grace)” (Wow Grace, you listening or  do you only like the Crusader and the scuba and the fun activities?).  

“But when Olive calls, I just have to answer”. Whoo Whee, gang. And then “Going to Acadia in July” — Acadia is a 14 hour round trip, hardly a day outing. Place to stay? Emergency services available?   

While not complete, I think we have a pretty good psychological profile of Danny. This viewer wants to know about Nina! Cause of death, years married, places lived, any kids, education, etc.  

Maybe freewheeling grief counseling sessions are a great place to troll people who are emotionally shaken? Isn’t the mindset of the groups one in which no judgement is given and the participants accept statements at face value?  Nothing wrong with these notions, otherwise people wouldn’t talk, however, it makes it easier for a Danny to get what he wants.

But Rake might read this and change the plot line!  Ha!

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I agree. I have been saying something was off with his predatory and manipulative behavior this entire time. Then when we heard about “The Major”, I suspected it was him. Also he made sure Olive was drugged up to forget the nightmares she was having and to keep an eye on her knowledge that Cal was alive. He is evil. Or they just missed the boat in writing a decent guy. I suspect the former because no one is that tone deaf in writing.

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14/01/2019 2:58 pm  

Danny is an opportunist, and a stone cold one, too. 

I agree. He may not actually be the Major. But the motives of the two are the same ... manipulate others for their own personal benefit.

And both of them have no problem crossing the boundaries of what is accepted as normal behavior, and will intentionally hurt or irreparably damage others to get what they want. Especially, when it comes to the Stone family.