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Why doesn't Michaela have much time?  


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Jan 12, 2020 4:08 pm  

When Cal tracks Zeke down at his mother's house, he tells him that neither he nor Michaela have much time and they must work together. We get that Zeke is riding an expiration date looming much sooner than he may realize, but why does Cal think Mick doesn't have much time, either. Is it because her fate is intertwined with Zeke's? Or is it because of her work on the Callings that she's putting her life in greater danger? Maybe someone will shoot her again.

Oh, did we mention that it was Mick who got shot in that dramatic (yawn) cliffhanger moment from the Season 1 finale. You know, the soap opera moment with two guys wrestling over a gun and then a third person walks in. Of course the third person gets shot. And in this case, we jumped ahead two months and Mick is fine, so really none of it really mattered anyway ... except maybe for Zeke's arc.

The above is excerpted from toofab Manifest page