I hope there's a S3
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I hope there's a S3  


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Mar 29, 2020 6:37 pm  

Like any major network television series, the likelihood of there being a Manifest S3 depends on the ratings. Major networks like NBC are more willing to allow shows to continue to fly on their networks when ratings aren't soaring too low. How low is too low? Probably when fans would rather jump off the plane show than be on board when it crashes (JMO).

Honesty is the best policy

Let's be honest. Manifest has lost more fans since it first aired in S1 up to now than all of the people killed in the John Wick movie franchises put together. True. Manifest is a fictional television series; but when it comes to ratings, fans must face reality. 

The series soared to record heights when it first premiered, then went into a steady nosedive during the remainder of S1. In S2 it pulled out of its nosedive; but has never flown as high as it once did. What changed? In my opinion, three things changed which gravely concerned me.

Think about it

First, Think Story stopped its outstanding in-depth Exploring Manifest reviews on Youtube after the first 5 episodes in S1. Secondly, Montego Nights: The Unofficial Manifest Podcast was replaced in S2 with NBC's Manifest: The Official Podcast. Unlike the thought-provoking unofficial podcast, the official podcast has been virtually nonexistent. Pun intended. And lastly, original published articles and character timelines constructed at this site, manifest828.com, were nonexistent in S2. Why? The site didn't have anything concrete to work with. There's a saying: "You can't squeeze blood from a turnip."

Manifest, as a television series, has had a rough turbulent flight since the very beginning. Even with the steep nosedive in S1, and with the support of NBC, the series was fortunate enough to make an Emergency Landing at the season finale. And Take-Off with anticipated fanfare at the beginning of S2. Throughout S2, Manifest has performed a number of exciting aerial maneuvers; but overall, it has been Touch-and-Go. It has been impossible for fans to determine if Manifest as a sci-fi series has the power to perform a Safe Landing. Or if the series will Crash and Burn ... when it's all said and done?

In the end

I hope there's a S3; whether its aired on NBC or not. Personally, I don't think Manifest will end well; i.e., the series finale could possibly be one of the worst endings in television history. Like other fans who share my point-of-view; when the series does finally end, I want to see how disastrous the crash will be. Or if the showrunner, writers, and producers will prove me wrong. I'm betting all of my money on the former while wishing for the latter. 

As another famous saying goes: "It ain't over till it's over."

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Apr 21, 2020 12:31 am  

It's easy for a fan like me to look back at what happened in a previous season and think "what if this or that" had happened.

Season 1

Along with Bill Daly, Fiona Clarke's disappeared into an unknown black hole ... as did her intriguing and what could have been a storyline far more compelling than Michaela's marriage to Zeke in season 2. Think about it. Fiona Clarke and the Major ... on screen together. Two outstanding actresses. Two compelling characters. So much potential wasted. 

Cal's life-threatening connection to Marko Valeriev was an outgoing storyline which should have definitely happened. Severing their "psychic" hardwired connection without any hint of continuing it in the future, not only removed it from the memory of fans; it has become a storyline that was needlessly flushed down the toilet without any hope of ever being resurrected.

Selected passengers were kidnapped, tortured, left catatonic, and have been abandoned (just like their storyline) since being rescued. Not only are the passengers now catatonic and brain-dead, so is their storyline. It's also dead. The passengers and their storyline are incapable of following any "Callings." The catatonic passengers were also no-shows to Isaiah's "Apocalypse Now - Exterminating Angels" invitation to the hottest club party in town. When it comes the catatonic passengers, their status should be immediately changed to either "The Walking Dead" or "Better Off Dead."

Season 2

The suspense surrounding the shadowy figure in Cal's family drawing had been building since season 1, episode 2 (102.15). Who would have guessed the shadowy figure would morph into three shadows in season 2? And who would have ever guessed the three shadows would be represented by three bumbling and stumbling Meth dealers who characters relate more to the Three Stooges than to the fearsome powers of Death, Destruction, and Mayhem? Meth dealers? Why not body-snatching serial killer entities from another space-time dimension who escaped from a maximum security prison?

Grace didn't die when giving birth to the fourth child conceived in her womb. Zeke survived his death date. Jared even saved him from being killed by Billy. TJ didn't die in the club fire; but Isaiah and Finn did. The Major also died. Why? If she had to die, it shouldn't have been in such an anticlimactic, wussy way. Accident? When Saanvi approached her the second time, it would have been better if an unknown assailant, from an undisclosed location, had blown the Major's brain's out with a state-of-the-art sniper's rifle. Imagine what the scope of discussions on social media and the rabid anticipation for season 3 would have been? Besides, Saanvi wouldn't be on the hook for murdering her.

Season 3

It's going to take a lot of "outside of the box thinking" to realistically increase the show's ratings. Forget revealing exactly how Flight 828 disappeared and returned. Exciting and coherent storylines must exist. The writing surrounding the overall storytelling must drastically improve. Fans remain supportive. If the writing doesn't improve, i.e., if the storylines make no sense whatsoever and the storytelling is confusing ... why would anyone want to watch? 

I know. There will always be a "what if this or that" had happened. But what excites fans most is "an intriguing story that continues to smoothly unfold in an outstanding and compelling manner." When fans must be told what to watch for in a story means either one of two things. Either the story, as it was conceptually intended, has been poorly told. Or the storyteller is a poor teller of stories. JMO.