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It's Time for Manifest to begin wrapping it up in S3  


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May 20, 2020 10:55 pm  

Sometimes it's time to say it's time

It's time to begin wrapping all of the mysteries about Manifest up. Season 3 should focus on tying everything together. The storylines should be about revealing exactly what the premise of Manifest is about, i.e., is it a tale of the supernatural? Is it a sci-fi story? A government conspiracy? A weekly weakly police procedural? A family drama? A scavenger hunt? All of the above? None of the above? Season 3 is the time to begin revealing the hidden secrets contained in the mysterious puzzle.

I can understand if the producers and writers get upset when fans complain and criticize. I also understand that professionals are in charge of the show's production; and professionals don't want to be unfairly criticized. But what option do we fans have? We've been extremely patient. But what have we received in return?

A journey begins with one step and ends after many steps

Flight 828 returned with 191 missing and or dead passengers after 5 years, 6 months, and 28 days. Then Zeke Landon walked out of a cave alive after a year. Then James Griffin was fished out of the East River after 82 hours and 8 minutes. Then it was revealed that someone from the 16th Century named Yusuv Al-Zuras allegedly returned from the dead after being at sea for 10-years.

Then there's, Kelly Taylor's brains being blown out and her missing body; Harvey Stein's suicide without any final resolution; Roger Menchin's "accidental" death after providing Ben and Capt Daly with "weather" information; and Saanvi "accidentally" and "premeditatedly" murdering the Major. What's next? Taylor, Stein, and Menchin showing up at Saanvi's murder trial as character witnesses? It's time to stop all of the fan conspiracies and speculation, pull back the curtain, and reveal all of the secrets and mysteries.

There are too many unanswered questions lying beneath the surface of all the secrets and mysteries to list. Included are everything from and in between to exactly what happened to the passengers, especially Fiona Clarke who didn't have callings; to the unexplained mysterious Three Shadow Figures whose origins apparently begin in Cal's family drawing.  

Back to the future without living in the past

When Manifest first aired, the story took place in the future. When the show last aired, the story took place in the past. It's time to look to the future again. It's time to wrap the story up. Not to do so will only end in disappointment and unpleasant consequences. Ending the story now could be fun for the producers and writers; and the cast and staff.

Knowing the show is at its end could also be fun for the executives at NBC and WB. The fans would be appreciative if NBC and WB agreed to conclude the series on a positive note. I know that I would be appreciative. What about you? Do you think it's time for Jeff Rake to reveal all of Manifest's secrets and mysteries and wrap the series up? 

                                          All good things must end ... some sooner than others.

Correction in my reply to @MaryGrace below. The sentence involving Danny should have read: "From the way his character and dialogue were written, I couldn't tell if he was a pedophile or a loving substitute father when it came to Olive."

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May 21, 2020 2:38 pm  

Let me get my head back in gear...

"exactly what the premise of Manifest is about"

I suppose "premise" is in the eyes of the "bee holder." Personally I'm not so must worried about the science of the space-time continuum or the supernatural nature of the "callings" or shadow guys or death dates or tail sections or babies who are real in one scene and a doll in the next or resurrections. I'm sure all that will be explained in the end, whenever that might be. I'm enjoying the journey. Especially Grace I have to admit. I was disappointed in her character in S2. Very boring. Hopefully S3 will bring her back to life in some way. I prefer a "whore" way but I'd settle for "Grizzly Mom." "Grizzly Mom" in that she learns to fight and carries a weapon and makes all who threaten Eden, assume room temperature.

Now that Olive is 17 and has reached the "age of consent" in NY, I expect to see more action there. Obviously her main squeeze in off the Egypt for some reason but if you noticed, she has become very involved with the health and well being of Aunt Michaela's hubby. I could handle some steamy action there.

I hope to see Jared get a little Brea action. I don't see Ben getting any action. He has been the only totally focused character in the show. Never waivers from following "callings," helping passengers, being the obedient cuckold, and supportive and loving father. Nope Ben will never get any Dean Martin action.

Sorry but the "Major" is not dead. That was a setup from the beginning. Their surveillance systems are so sophisticated that they knew what was coming and she had the antidote already before Sannvi showed up. It's all part of the "brainwashing" of Sannvi. 

Daley and Fiona will return but probably not S3. Not sure why I say that, it's just what I think. Evie will show up at her mom's house, Kelly will walk away from whatever secret morgue she is in, Harvey will show up for Temple like nothing ever happened, and Menchin will show up as the new weather guy on the NBC affiliate in NYC. All will be right with the world. 

Danny. How could I forget Danny. S2E1, "hi, how you doing? Have a nice day" and stroll off into the sunset. Nice. What? I have to say the writer's club created a character that seemed so important and wrote the most boring scenes for the actor. I've looked at every "Danny" scene and if I had no context, I would say he was totally void of personality and boring as hell. I'm not sure if I give credit to the writing, shake my head at the writing, wonder why they cast a box of rocks in the roll, or what. I would hope there would be a blurb on the news about a multi-car accident on the Interstate with several dead including a guy named Danny with no last name driving a Porsche.

That is all for now. Glad you're back @charles.

Mary Grace


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May 21, 2020 8:56 pm  

True it's all in the eyes of the beholder. The premise at the very beginning of the story was about the return of a missing commercial airplane after 5 and a half years. From where I sit, that is no longer the case. I blame the change of premise on the introduction of the three Shadow figures, aka, the three Meth heads, aka, the three "frozen undead" escaped prisoners; and the early departure of the "non-Callings having" Fiona Clarke, the "unknown whereabouts" of the missing catatonic patients, and the alleged death of the Major. And, of course, Yusuv Al-Zuras is now where the premise of the story begins. Or is it?

I'm sure all that will be explained in the end, whenever that might be. I'm enjoying the journey. 

Your faith in Jeff Rake, the producers, and writers is what gives me hope. When it comes to explanations, I have absolutely no expectations in anyone responsible for the storylines to satisfactorily fill in any of the empty voids in the future whatsoever. But like you, I'm enjoying the journey. It's mostly because I'm enjoying what "it could have been" rather than "what it is."

Especially Grace I have to admit. I was disappointed in her character in S2.

I agree 100%. Grace's character was more exciting and intriguing when she was hated in S1. Being barefoot and pregnant in S2 did nothing to enhance her reputation as being that of an arrogant, independent woman. TBH none of the female main characters on the series can independently breathe unless they have a "strong" man standing behind them to adequately comfort and support their feminine needs.

I could handle some steamy action there.

Again, I agree 100%. When the story returns, Olive should be 18-years old or older. Manifest airs later in its time-slot than other available shows or other sci-fi series with more steamy teen action. Keeping Olive's virtue intact will not attract more viewers of her age group (or those with dirty minds) to the show than not.

When it comes to other steamy action, I agree that Drea should play "hide the sausage" with Jared. The relationship of the characters could simply be "Friends with Benefits." Drea is appealing "eye candy" whose character shouldn't be wasted hiding in the shadows off-screen. Ben and Dean Martin were never given a chance. Were the writers afraid of putting Josh Dallas in a past or future serious interracial relationship? From what happened between the two on-screen; other than Grace suggesting they were once in a serious relationship, it would appear that they had never kissed.

Sorry but the "Major" is not dead.

If the Major's not dead, then they've completely exhausted all of the "not dead" storylines. Of course, Bill Daly and Fiona Clarke aren't dead. Cal didn't die. Marko didn't die. Jared didn't die. Michaela didn't die. Zeke didn't die. Vance didn't die. TJ didn't die. Grace didn't die. Saanvi didn't die. And now the Major is not dead? Too much not dying for me. 


The most underused and misused character on the show. From the way his character and dialogue were written, I couldn't tell if he was a pedophile of a loving substitute father when it came to Olive. Or if he was an honest and caring partner when it involved Grace; or if he was a manipulative sex predator who selfishly used Grace's mind and body for his own personal benefit. I agree. Danny's character should die in a dramatic and traumatically horrifying manner.

Thanks @MaryGrace. Your comments make what the writers do or don't do; or what happens in S3 ... good or bad ... worth the wait. 

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May 22, 2020 8:46 pm  

For me, personally, there's something I want explained in S3. It concerns Fiona Clarke and the Major. Let's being with Clarke. (107.7)

A whole bunch of documents and certificates regarding Dr. Fiona Clarke pop up on the computer screen. Among them is a Certificate of Acknowledgement from the Central Intelligence Agency

Fiona Clarke worked with the CIA and she was a proponent of harnessing the power of the human collective consciousness. She's the one who said, "When we learn how to harness the power of collective consciousness with the Mirror Factor—Checkmate." (107.15)

Thus far, it has been revealed that Fiona Clarke is the only passenger on Flight 828 who didn't have Callings. And then there's the Major. This is what Powell told Ben about the Major (110.25):

I found the Black Hawk. It went wheels up at Langley 10 minutes ago onredalert. It’s a VIP transpo, assigned for someone’s personal use.

The CIA's headquarters is located at Langley, Virginia. The Major's real identity was Major General Kathryn Fitz, a deep cover special intelligence operative who stealthy worked for the U.S. government in the shadows. Did Major General Fitz work for the CIA? Or did she work with the CIA? The problem is that we know as much about the Major as we do Fiona Clarke. Which is basically nothing. 

Both the Major and Clarke had ties to the CIA. They both had ties to Unified Dynamic Systems and the Singularity Project? Did they have ties to each other? It's time to begin to wrap up the Major's and Fiona Clarke's storylines. The mysterious relationship between them and the catatonic passengers has been lost on the walls of a back alley along with the Three Shadow Creatures chasing Adrian.

An explanation describing Fitz's and Clarke's CIA connection is long overdue. S3 will the perfect time to provide the reveal. I'm no willing to wait for answers to be revealed later. Wait weight is what destroyed the bridge. And later is the day after never. No more delays. It's time to being to reveal the secrets, i.e., S3 should be about connecting the dots ... and not waiting for some future in which next upcoming season may or may not take place.

@MaryGrace @tjlevi