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Mrs Stone Takes a Lover  


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Apr 28, 2020 6:17 pm  

New Lover for Mrs. Stone

I’ve come up with a new story line for S3 to bring the Grace Stone character back to life. S2 has turned Mrs. Stone into the “little woman.” She is now the obedient wife, loving mom, domestic engineer, and generally the “sweetheart” of Manifest. Sorry Mr. Rake, that ain’t going to cut it. So here’s my plan.

One day, out of the blue, Calvin gets a calling that he must become a martial arts master in order to “save her.” Sorry, that is what the calling said so just go with it. He tells his dad about the calling and dad knows they must follow the callings. In walks our sweet little homemaker, Grace. Ben tells her she should find the best dojo in the area and the best Sensei (Master in Martial Arts) there is. Dutifully, Grace says, yes dear and immediately gets to the research and finds the best facility to which to take young Calvin.

Monday Morning of Day 1

Grace calls the NYC Shotokan Karate Dojo and the young lady tells her there is a class starting next week for boys Cal’s age and could she and her husband bring Cal in for an interview with Master Allen Steen. Grace sets the appointment for tomorrow at 4:00 pm.

Monday Afternoon of Day 1

Grace tells Ben they have an appointment to talk to Master Steen tomorrow at 4:00 pm but Ben apologizes but he has a faculty meeting tomorrow and would it be alright if Grace handles it. Grace reluctantly agrees.

Tuesday Afternoon of Day 2 at 4:00 pm

Grace and Cal arrive at the NYC Shotokan Karate Dojo. The receptionist, Miss Lee, asks them to have a seat and Master Steen would be with them shortly. After a few minutes, Miss Lee says “Master Steen” will see you now, please go right in (to his office.)”

Master Steen (played by Wesley Snipes) greet Cal and Grace in his karategi (Karate practice uniform), open in the front showing his muscular, black chest and torso. Grace can hardly contain her smile and she thinks to herself, “so glad Ben has a faculty meeting today.” Master Steen explains to Cal what will be expected of him, the work schedule, and about Karate in general. Cal is very excited and asks several questions. After the instructions and Q&A, Master Steen tells Cal to go with Miss Lee and get fitted for his karategi and tour the facility while he has a chat with Grace. Master Steen tells Miss Lee to take her time and give Cal the “full” tour. She smiles and takes charge of young Cal and closes the door behind her.

Master Steen moves from behind his desk and sits in the chair formerly occupied by young Cal and begins talking to Grace. Grace is getting that “Grace, you look like hell” feeling looking into Master Steen’s eyes and being so close to his muscular body. Master Steen tells Grace that he knows, from the news, that her husband and son are 828’ers and that life has been difficult for them with all the publicity and trials they have been through. Grace agrees that things have been rough and that she wishes that she could better defend herself and children because Ben is not home a lot. Master Steen tells her that all of his self-defense classes have just started and are all full but he would be willing to teach her one-on-one. Grace breaks into that huge smile she has and they agree that on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s each week they will meet at the dojo at noon while all the staff is on their two hour lunch break. They continue sharing stories of their lives for the rest of the tour time. Grace learns that Master Steen is a former Navy Seal, CIA Operative, and undercover NYPD Narcotics Officer. As they hear Miss Lee and Cal approaching, they stand, Grace give him a slow lengthy hug pressing her body and breasts as close to him as she can and they come so very close to kissing when the door opens and they step apart.

On the way home, Cal tells his mom all about what he learned about the dojo and how happy he was to be in the class starting next Monday. While Cal is talking, Grace is in another world, thinking of Mater Steen, his black bull body, and the kiss that almost was. When they arrive home about 8:00 pm that evening, Grace gets very upset with Ben because he didn’t take the trash out that morning and shouts that when Danny lived here he never forgot the trash! Ben takes a walk to get some air, as usual.

Stay tuned for the next submission of Grace of “Grace Takes Her Coffee Like She Takes Her Men, Hot and Black!”

Thank you,

Mary Grace

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Apr 28, 2020 6:35 pm  

@marygrace I don't know what to say. Jeffie needs to hire you. This subplot would definitely boost the ratings for S3. Unfortunately NBC will probably renew which means Netflix or some other non-network service cannot pick it up. I cannot wait for the next offering of "Karate Love." Based on the current state of TV today, the interracial angle will fit right in. Wesley Snipes definitely needs work as he's basically Hollywood Blacklisted? You go girl. Looking forward to @charles reply. I'm betting it will be classic!

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May 20, 2020 9:19 pm  

Grace give him a slow lengthy hug pressing her body and breasts as close to him as she can and they come so very close to kissing when the door opens and they step apart.

It seemed as if it the entire moment was an eternity for Grace; but she could hear own heartbeat as it continued to loudly pulsate ... in concert with the spirit of her entire body ... begging to merge in a variety of unending passionate embraces with Master Steen; as she wildly imagined exactly how perfect his ability to perform kama Sutra could be the most pleasurable gift she had received since willingly enjoying the insatiable experience of Danny roughly forcing her to cuckold Ben a little over a week after Flight 828's return.

Jeffie needs to hire you.

I agree with Tom. Your imagination far exceeds the boring soap opera-like writing that's currently cluttering up the disjointed and dropped storylines. An "out of the box" extramarital affair is exactly what Grace's character needs. It would be something that's infinitely better than Michaela and Zeke's "belong-together-Cal Stone-calling" marriage.  I'm anxiously looking forward to the next submission of "Grace Takes Her Coffee Like She Takes Her Men, Hot and Black." I'm all for it ... Grace going Black and while sensuously relaxing on her Back.

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