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Season 3 has the Potential to be Great ... or not  


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Apr 8, 2020 7:30 am  

In the S2 finale, fishermen pulled the wreckage of a tail section of out the water belonging to Montego Airways. Of course, this is a situation which presents another unanswered question. Here's the problem with unanswered questions when it comes to the aircraft designated Flight 828: some fans have become extremely p*ssed because absolutely nothing about the aircraft itself has ever been revealed.

Who cares

There has been no NTSB investigative report revealed about the April 7, 2013 disappearance. The was no report of any NTSB investigation about the aircraft exploding on the tarmac ... only days after returning. With the discovery of the tail section wreckage in December 2019 (Manifest Timeline), guess what? There'll be another NTSB investigation.

Manifest premiered in 2018; this is 2020. I hope there's a S3; but no one (as least not me) will be willing to wait 4 more years for any of the simple answers to the simple questions. It makes no sense to have to wait. All it takes is a reference to the NTSB investigations. Details aren't needed. If the show's producers and writers really care about their fans, they need to show it. 

Who is paying attention

Yes, fans are paying attention. But the storylines have to make sense. Zeke Landon, James Griffin, and the 3 Meth-heads are interesting. And yes, the individual character driven storylines are important. So is the show's mythology. The cornerstone of the series remains Flight 828 and its passengers. Ignoring what happened to the plane will no longer fly. Simple little things like revealing what happened in the NTSB investigations keeps fans interested. And ignoring what happened to the catatonic patients, i.e., leaving them alone and accounted for should be given a standing ovation? Believe it or not, like it or not; but not answering questions about the little things are reasons why millions of viewers have stopped tuning in each week.

Fans don't ask for much. They just don't like being treated as if they're too stupid to understand when they're being treated as if they're stupid. Manifest is not the only sci-fi series that's being broadcast through the airwaves. There's War of the Worlds on Epix. In 8 episodes, the background of each main character in the series was rapidly developed ... including storylines involving infidelity and incest. There's The Witcher on Netflix. The writing and editing in this series involving character development and timelines are far above average when compared to most series of its genre.

The power of potential

Manifest has to do much better in S3 when it comes to answering questions. Watching the show shouldn't be like participating in a scavenger hunt. I don't care if any fan or anyone associated with the show gets mad at me for stating my opinion. I really don't. The series was hyped as a unique, thought-provoking, different way of being entertained and enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime sci-fi mystery.

The show continues to have the potential to go down in television history as one of the best sci-fi series of its kind. Potential means nothing without hard work and support. There's a saying, "Action speaks louder than words." S3 has to be all about action when it comes to keeping the attention of fans. The story needs to unfold and reveal secrets seamlessly. Keeping and hiding secrets from the audience has always been a recipe for disaster. All secrets do not need to be kept secret. 

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Apr 9, 2020 1:15 am  

From the Pilot episode (101.24) ...

MICHAELA (Voiceover/Narrator): Ben and I didn’t know any of these people yet. But soon, we’d know them as well as we know ourselves. As for whatever force brought us all here… [PLANE BLOWS UP]


Scene shifts to CAL sleeping and his eyes open up.


MICHAELA (Voiceover/Narrator): It had no interest in being investigated. And as for the group of us? This was just the beginning.

This was an intriguing and thought-provoking opening that thrilled and excited sci-fi fans everywhere, wasn't it? Flight 828 has landed on NBC with an explosive television ratings windfall. What has happened since then? What have fans really learned about their favorite show? What has been revealed in the storylines and about the characters in the last 29 episodes that's consistent and constant?  

All secrets do not need to be kept secret.

Some undefined covert government organization is secretly involved with the situation concerning the passengers of Flight 828. Keeping the details and internal workings of this organization a secret from the passengers and the show's fictitious public is understandable. But why keep it a secret from the audience, i.e., those who watch the show each week? Trust me. No one watching the show will pick up a phone and let any of the passengers know they're being watched by the CIA, DIA, NSA or whomever? 

The same holds true for the catatonic patients. What happened to them should be for the entertainment of the viewing audience. If the audience doesn't know what happened to them, how can the audience be entertained? What are the fans in audience suppose to do? Wait for unfilled promises which may or may not satisfy any delayed gratification? This also holds true for the other abruptly dropped storylines.

Speaking of delayed gratification and abruptly dropped storylines. What will happen in season 3 that's different than what happened in seasons 1 and 2? If the answers are more secrets and more questions, the only thing that will be delayed is a lack of improvement in higher ratings. And there's nothing secret when it comes to revealing ratings; because ratings are something that can't be kept secret from those in the viewing audience.