From "Then" to "Now...

From "Then" to "Now"  


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Jan 15, 2020 4:47 pm  

The Story

The story of the passengers of Manifest doesn't exist in a vacuum. Their story doesn't simply begin with their disappearance and return. Included is everything that has happened since their return ... up to the here and now ... including some of the most important events which have taken place.

The Plane

Let's start with the plane's explosion on the tarmac. What were the results of the NTSB's investigation? It's only been several months since the explosion; but has the public been provided an update? It's not about revealing concrete answers regarding who or what caused the plane to disappear in the first place, it's about storyline continuity. Or has this particular storyline been discarded because it's no longer needed?

The Patients

Speaking of discarded storylines? What happened to Fiona Clarke's catatonic patients? Would showing what happened to them after Clarke and Daly disappeared reveal anything about the plane's mystery itself? Keeping the patients location secret is important for their own safety and security concerns. But why keep their location secret from the viewing audience? 

The Corporation

Then there's how Ben was fired from his job at J.P. Williamson. Regardless of his intentions, he committed crimes by stealing confidential corporate information. Officials from the company even went to his home and threaten legal action. Did they have a change of heart and decided to ignore what happened? If so, why? In not, where's the remainder of this storyline? 

The Drawing

Cal's mystery figure in his drawing is missing in action. He has already said he doesn't know the identity of this mystery figure. But that doesn't mean the 'mystery figure' in his drawing should be forgotten or erased from the memories of the show's loyal fans and viewers. Either the mystery figure in the drawing was important or it was not. Everything that takes place in the show shouldn't be kept keep secret forever, especially this particular drawing ... which took place in S1E2. 

If it appears that I'm whining and complaining, I'm not. I'm frustrated. I was told by the show's creator to pay attention for clues and Easter Eggs. I have done exactly that ... closely paid attention. But the only payoffs I've been rewarded with so far are unanswered questions added to even more answered questions. At some point, the cycle of unanswered questions has to end.

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Jan 16, 2020 12:31 pm  

Another thought about the "then" and the "here and now."

The other daddy, too (of two)

Let me be crystal clear. I don't like Danny ... never have ... probably never will. But Olive does. And more often than not, it has been shown that she loves him more than she does her biological father, Ben. She gets caught shoplifting. What does she do? She calls her dad, Danny, to help her. When Grace kicks Ben out of the house after the Red Hook incident. What does Olive do? She runs straight to Danny, tells him how much her mom, Grace, misses him; and then promptly invites him to come over and have dinner with her, Grace, and Cal.

Olive and Danny spent an enormous amount of time together practicing mountain climbing. They have even made intimate travel plans ... to climb a mountain in Acadia National Park in July. 

Fast forward a couple of months. Grace is now pregnant. Grace and Olive bump into Danny on the street. Olive kinda sorta gets upset when Grace doesn't immediately tell Danny she's pregnant. Olive also wasn't please with Grace when Grace refused to tell Ben about Danny when Ben first returned. Olive also told Grace it was time to let go. Obviously, she wasn't talking about letting Danny go. 

The other daddy (minus two)

After bumping into Danny, Olive and Grace have a mother/daughter discussion where Olive is told about Grace's ability to have Callings. She is distraught and walks away in disgust because she thinks everyone in her family will die and leave her alone. What does she do after that? Did she call her daddy, Danny, to come over and comfort her? Did she leave him a text message asking to meet him? Nope. She goes out and immediately joins a cult. Apparently, Danny no longer matters to Olive, Grace, or any of the ongoing storylines. And I ain't mad about it.

I am a little curious as to why Olive would kick Danny to the curb so easily. It probably has something to do with her Meds. She's no longer taking her antidepressant drugs ... a part of the plot within her storyline where the prescription hasn't been refilled.