OMG! What will happen to Fiona Clarke's patients?  


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Jan 18, 2019 5:21 pm  

The Major knows the exact location of the patients. Autumn Cox told her. Perhaps, Autumn didn’t have to tell. It’s possible the Major already knew the location.

There is also the possibility the Major and Fiona Clarke are friends, and the property where the patients are currently located is owned by the Major. Now that Clarke’s missing, what happens to the patients?

Will the Major reclaim them? Or will the responsibility of caring for them be delegated to Saanvi Bahl?

The journey of the patients has been turbulent

Their adventurous journey began in Jamaica when they boarded Flight MA828. The 11 passengers had no idea their lives would be permanently changed once they landed in New York. Upon arrival, like all passengers, they were informed they had been declared dead.

And that 5, years, 6 months, and 28 days had passed since MA828 left Jamaica on April 7, 2013. Welcome home, everyone. Today’s date is November 4, 2018.

Numerous government agencies gave them every courtesy and honor possible. Courtesies that included being held involuntarily without legal representation. Being interrogated, probed, and prodded was at the top of their welcome home courtesy list. They were also given the honor of taking vitamin pills. 

It’s not known if the vitamin pills were manufactured by a subsidiary of Unified Dynamic Systems. But 36 hours later, UDS would provide the 11 passengers with free bus transportation to a Red Door farm in upstate New York.

Free room and board – medical treatment mandatory

Not only did the passengers receive free room and board, their official status changed. In the blink of an eye, their status transcended from passengers to captives to hostages.

They were then used as human guinea pigs and subjected to hours of painful and torturous experimentation in the name of malicious scientific research. Laurence Belson was directly responsible for the inhumane electro-shock experiments used on the hostages. He was instructed by the mysterious Major to carry out these immoral criminal activities.

Thanks to Ben Stone and Robert Vance the illegal experiments were temporarily ended. After Vance obtained evidence of the location the hostages were being held, Belson and his cohorts quickly moved the hostages from the Red Door farm in upstate New York to the Red Hook facility in the metropolitan area.

At the Red Hook facility, the torture and experiments on the hostages continued until they were rescued by Vance’s highly competent special operations tactical team. Fiona then took control of the rescued hostages and moved them to a safe environment where they received proper medical care and treatment.

Saanvi Bahl is an angel of mercy

Saanvi has been instrumental in caring for the traumatized patients. Along with Fiona Clarke, no other medical professionals have been identified as being involved with helping the patients.

Now that Clarke’s out of the picture, it would appear that Saavni’s on her own. Which doesn’t paint a good picture for her.

Ben and Michaela can’t help. They’re too busy dealing with the aftermath of Cal's calling involving the rescue of Zeke, the Major, and other problems. There are also other events that have happened which are beyond Saavni’s control.

Belson’s experiments specifically showed that Cal was psychically connected and mind-linked to Marko. Apparently, Ben is also linked to one of the patients. At Red Hook, he remained in excruciating pain until he unhooked the last hostage from Belson’s “erasure protocol” software program. Once he competed this action both his and the hostage's pain stopped.

Michaela is somehow mind-linked to Paul Santino. When she touched him; he miraculously came out of his brain-dead coma. Clearly, it has something to do with Zeke. Michaela would later learn that Santino was her Zeke calling catalyst.  Other than Autumn Cox, the name of the only other ex-hostage and patient who has been revealed is Lena Rasmussen from Karasjok, Norway.

The fake photo of Rasmussen from Homeland Security is one of the reasons Vance joined Team Ben. I’ll guessing Rasmussen is mind-linked to Saanvi for reasons which haven’t been explained yet. But I’m only guessing. Nothing but sheer speculation.

However, if such speculation is true, who will help Saanvi? Or will she be on her own?

Who is paying for what and who is paying attention

Apparently, Saanvi doesn’t have the means to pay for the patients specialized care and medical needs. Or does she? It’s not clear who is currently paying for the mentally disabled patients much needed medical care. It’s also not known who owns the facility where they now reside.

It’s obvious that neither Medicare nor Medicaid are footing the bill. A Go Fund Me effort is out of the question. So, that leaves Fiona Clarke’s friend, who owns the beach front property where the patients reside, to be the hero and philanthropist who's saving the day.

The patients remain on the Major’s radar screen. She knows exactly where they are located. She also knows who owns the facility at the location. And she knows everything about Saanvi. When will the two meet?

The patients continue to be an important puzzle piece within the MA828 story. Now that Fiona Clarke is unavailable, Saanvi is now the primary caregiver regarding what medically happens to the patients. Whether she is up to the task has yet to be determined.

One thing is certain. The journey of these patients, who started their adventure in Jamaica, is not over yet. Who helps them continue their journey is a question that's yet to be answered. Will Zeke be involved? Is he some kind of Messiah who was reborn in a cave?

Will Zeke have a calling to save the patients and other former passengers? Or will his callings instruct him to do something more sinister?

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Jan 30, 2019 3:11 pm  

With Fiona Clarke out of the picture, and Saanvi now facing threats and impending danger beyond her ability to single-handedly overcome, who will provide the ongoing required medical care for the comatose patients? The patients are incapable of caring for themselves. A blind person can see this.

So, what happens to the comatose patients now? 

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Feb 14, 2019 11:40 am  

No worries. Our government will take good care of them.

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Feb 14, 2019 12:00 pm  

Our government will take good care of them.

No doubt. But it all depends on which government gets the honor ... the one represented by the Major or the one where Robert Vance once unselfishly served.