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Jan 13, 2020 6:02 pm  

We all know this was the day Ben and Calvin went off to Coney Island and by some amazing consequence, guess who shows up at the Stone house unannounced. Yep, Danny, to inform her that he was okay kicking Grace to the curb but not Olive. That was the strangest scene probably in the whole of Season One. She even fixed him a cup of coffee and freaking agreed with him about staying connected to her minor daughter! Really, mom? If it were my boyfriend that I'd been with for 3 years who kicked me to the curb but still wanted to see my teenage daughter, well not only NO but HECK NO! Very strange scene in my opinion. How did Danny know Grace was home alone? Or better yet, since the Major has the house bugged, maybe he works for the Major and the Major tipped him off.  Is that a conspiracy theory or what? Olive was off to school so she didn't know mom was home alone so she didn't tip Danny off. What if Ben had been there. What would Ben have said? Heck, Ben would have been Ben and slithered off with his tail tucked. We know the house is bugged first because the showrunner said it was in an interview after the "Crusader" episode and second because we saw the monitoring control room when the Major was chatting with her "backside" boy. (bad word avoidance there) This whole Danny thing truly transcends "soap opera" stuff in my opinion.

First picture is Grace seeing if the coast is clear before letting the boyfriend in the house.

Second photo is Grace looking at her wedding ring with regret while the Boyfriend sweet talks her while kicking her to the curb after having sex with her all day the previous day. It was subtle and I just noticed it today, the wedding ring glance. Very subtle.

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Jan 14, 2020 6:09 pm  

How did Danny know Grace was home alone?

Good question. Either Danny is so dumb that he doesn't have enough brain power to respect personal boundaries when it comes to family relationships; or he's mentally deranged. And Grace is just as bad. "Sit down and have a cup of coffee." "I absolutely love it when you tell me that you can live without me, and my teenage daughter is more important to you than me." "Don't stop ... tell me how much you look forward to your trip with her to Acadia National Park."

"And don't worry about Ben not being here. I'll keep your visit a secret, just like I'm keeping it a secret from him that you got me pregnant and I had a miscarriage." "I'm trying to rebuild my marriage; but I still can't help but feel anything other than I'm cheating on you."

... since the Major has the house bugged ...

Which means the Major should know about the death date, Grace's pregnancy, and Zeke. If she doesn't know about those things already; maybe there's something wrong with the "bugs" she's using, and she should go back to wherever she purchased them and get her money back.

If the Major and Danny aren't working together, perhaps they should. They could call themselves "Manipulative 'R Us" ... as a tribute to the creepy and shadowy characters they both portray.