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This Thing That Came Up At Work  


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Jan 12, 2020 6:15 pm  

May be worth a discussion. Day 39; After spending the day with Cal, Ben brings him home after having TV Dinners. Everything is very cordial between Grace and Ben. Grace says she does not mine him coming in the house. Cal surprises his dad about what he knows about the Major, and how he will be busy the next day with “the man from the airplane.”

What has been overlooked, is that Grace asked Ben to keep Calvin the next day because "I’ve got this thing that’s come up at work." Since it's Day 39, she is at least 6 weeks pregnant and I would think she would have some idea that she is. Is the "thing" that's come up, Danny's manhood perhaps? Is she planning to cheat on Ben again on day 40 because it may be a while before she gets some Danny love? Did Danny text her for a "booty call?" The baby reveal to Ben was about day 46. Sometime during day 39 and day 45, they made the "Truth Pact" so will she tell Ben what the "thing" at work was, or will that be another "oh, I forgot about that, I should have told you" thing. Grace has some serious explaining to do.

Ben will need to get some popcorn and a soft drink when he sits down to listen to all of Grace's cuckoldry stories since the plane arrived under the "Truth Pact."

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Jan 13, 2020 3:28 pm  

The baby reveal to Ben was about day 46. 

Actually, the baby reveal to Ben was later than day 46. On day 45, the Stones first discover that Griffin was pulled alive from the East River (115.1). Griffin died roughly 3-days later (82 hours and 8 minutes). This would mean that Grace told Ben she was pregnant on or about day 48 or 49.

Grace's lies begin as soon as Ben returned

Based on the conversations between Grace and Ben since his return, has Grace ever once been truthful with him? Ben found about Danny from Olive a week after his return. Without Cal whining about his toys, it's possible Ben wouldn't have found out about Danny until Grace told him she was pregnant. She later told Ben that he would never have to meet Danny because "he was home." How many times has Ben "met" Danny since Grace told him he would never have to meet him?

Grace, in her heart and mind, doesn't really want to let Danny go

She went to meet Danny after Olive's shoplifting incident. This was a strong indication that she had difficulty letting go. He then stopped by the house the next day unannounced. No problem. She even took the time to make him coffee. She would later allow him to stay for dinner after having a physical altercation with Ben ... knowing that he had wanted her to get pregnant for him.  She later borrowed his truck to travel upstate; searching for Cal when he ran away from home the second time. Did she ever personally thank Danny for using his truck?

Grace, honesty, and truthfulness are three words that will never be found in the same sentence

What would prevent Grace and Danny from having sex if they were alone together? Why would she tell Ben? She never told him about Danny wanting children, about Danny getting her pregnant, and about the miscarriage. Apparently, when it comes to Grace satisfying Danny's needs, she doesn't require motive ... all that's required is opportunity. Accidentally, running into her on the street is a strong indication that Danny will again have the opportunity to get Grace alone ... when it comes to Grace and Danny ... and her "Truth Pact" with Ben, there's no such thing as "truth" or "pact."