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May 22, 2020 1:18 am  

While not scientific, the topics with the most views at this site are worth exploring further. Someone took the time to read them. It's only fair to take another look, albeit, from the perspective of my own personal opinion. As the saying goes, "everyone has an opinion."

1. Will Grace and Danny have Sex Again ... 4403 views.

No surprise here. When it comes to the viewing audience, without sex, the story is boring and too bland. Game of Thrones, Altered Carbon, and Westworld may not be on network television; yet, the abundance of sex contained throughout their storylines is what massages the imaginations of the shows' fans. Manifest is no different. Sex sells.

Grace did things with Danny she never did with Ben. Including scuba diving and outdoorsy activities. Why wouldn't fans not want to know if she would be willing to do some of those things again? Remember when Grace had taken the day off work and was about to have sex with Ben when Olive got into trouble shoplifting? Ben went to pick Olive up. What did Grace do? She went to meet Danny and had sex? There was no other reason for her to leave home. 

It was later revealed that an "unmarried" Grace had gotten pregnant for Danny ... simply because he wanted a baby. Why didn't she share this information with Ben? My guess is she didn't share for the same reason she kept it a secret she had cuckolded him with Danny on Olive's shoplifting day; and for the same reason she didn't tell him Danny stopped by the Stone family home the very next day. She kept everything she and Danny did and were doing a secret from Ben. Fans like me continue to believe that given the chance, Grace wouldn't hesitate to let Danny do with her body anything and everything he wanted.    

2. Are Fiona Clarke and Bill Daly dead or did they fly through time? ... 4172 views.

This goes to the very premise of the story. Flight 828 had disappeared for 5 and a half years. Fiona Clarke was on Flight 828; but unlike the other passengers, she didn't have Callings or experience any of the symptoms which manifested in her fellow passengers. Yet, their symptoms were all based on her lifelong research.

Bill Daly was the pilot in command of Flight 828. For some reason, he thought that kidnapping Clarke, stealing a midsize jet airplane and flying into the future was a good idea. Why are fans intrigued with this topic? All sci-fi fans are intrigued with time travel. Time travel is what continues to fuel the interest in Manifest as a television series. Fiona Clarke and Bill Daly are important pieces of the puzzle that's needed to help solve the time travel mystery. 

Clarke is needed because her "Mirror Factor" research is a critical part of the story's mystery. Bill Daly is needed because there is more to his story that's being told. Sci-fi fans have a Sixth Sense when it comes to understanding time travel storylines. Clarke and Daly's journey through time continues to intrigue interested fans.

3. The Yusuv Al-Zuras connection ... 3931 views.

Nothing ... absolutely nothing ... catches the attention of sci-fi fans more than a well-orchestrated "change of direction" game-changing storyline revelation. The introduction of Yusuv Al-Zuras possibly kept fans who were about to get up and walk away from the series in their seats.

Why the interest in this particular topic? First, it was a shocking surprise. No one saw it coming. Second, Al-Zuras is an anagram for Larzarus. Fans appreciate insight where thoughtfulness related to "change of direction" involving plots and storylines is introduced. Third, it represents something that is courageous. The inclusion of another culture ... from another time ... into a modern-day mystery. The Yusuv Al-Zuras connection is like a swirling time vortex ... sucking the minds of the show's fans into this particular plot as if "resistance is futile."

4. Theories on Grace's baby's daddy ... 3726 views.

This continues to be an intriguing topic because there hasn't been any resolution. Yes, I know. Ben is the baby's daddy. At least, that's what we've been conditioned and told to believe. But seeing and believing are completely different than not being conditioned to believe and see through one's own "lying eyes."

I don't know about anyone else; but how did the baby have the power to control Grace by making her stop the DNA test? I know. I don't blame Grace for stopping the test. More importantly, if Ben was in fact the baby's daddy, why would the baby care about the DNA test results? Wouldn't the baby be more inclined to force Grace to stop the DNA test if Ben was not the sperm donor?

Perhaps, the baby's daddy isn't human? Who knows? It's possible that Saanvi hasn't shared the truth about Eden's father with Grace and Ben. Don't forget. Saanvi had mental problems before becoming aware of Grace's pregnancy. And at the time Saanvi conducted Grace's DNA test, the Major was living rent-free in her mind. I know. I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. But who knows with 100% certainty that Ben is Eden's daddy. Grace's baby's daddy could be one of the Shadows in Cal's family portrait drawing. 

Fans are well-aware that when it comes to theories, anything is possible. Including changing the official storyline to Ben not being Grace's baby's daddy.

5. Unanswered Manifest Questions ... 3448 views.

The title of this topic says it all. Dropped storylines. Plot holes. Discarded characters. Suspension of disbelief. OMG WTH SMH. Everything from the beginning to the end ... S1 to S2 ... is included here, i.e., answers to the questions are not provided anywhere. Of course, they are also Unanswered Manifest Questions which may never be answered. It would be a shame if the questions we want to be answered are never answered; but fans like me wouldn't be surprised. Our expectations have been lowered.

There are no guarantees in life. None whatsoever. As fans, the best we can do is to enjoy what we have ... while we have it. Anything we receive beyond what we have will be a blessing. Trust me. Life is too short to sweat the small snuff.

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