Who’s more dangerou...

Who’s more dangerous: Church of the Returned fanatics like Alice Ciccone or anti-828 bigots like Cody Webber?  


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People will believe what they believe. It doesn’t matter whether their beliefs are based on logic or not. But absent any sound reasoning whatsoever, is it possible to keep dangerous beliefs from becoming accepted as normal behavior? Alice Ciccone and Cody Webber are good examples of unacceptable behavior.

The birth of the Church of the Returned worship system.

After Montego Air Flight 828 miraculously returned from the unknown, some people within the public immediately considered the return of the plane’s occupants to be divine and special. And why not? Miracles are always a good thing, right?

Remember the zealot woman on the street? Without warning, while surprising and shocking Grace, she approached Cal, placed her hands on him and said, “He is risen. He is not here.” Luckily for Cal, this zealot wasn’t literally practicing the worship of biblical child sacrifice at the time.

The seeds of a new belief system invisibly sown

Cal is not the only returnee to have someone lovingly place hands on him. Adrian, the ex-entrepreneur and self-declared leader of the Church of the Returned, welcomed having three young admiring female devotees touch him. How much other out-of-sight touching is going on between Adrian and his adoring female followers? There is no such thing as a stupid question. Adrian also has no problem practicing the worship of collecting money from his followers.

And he had absolutely no problem ignoring his own irresponsible behavior when an insane follower like Alice misuse the ‘churches’ teaching as an excuse to murder innocent victims like Saanvi Bahl.

The forgotten can never be forgotten

How can Isaiah be forgotten? He was probably the first person to enlighten Michaela when it comes to the interpretation of understanding beliefs from the beyond the unknown. He said two things to her that were very important when it comes to self-centered worship and practices.


 I’m not afraid of prison. I’ve been here before. In this life, I will serve my penance. And when I die, I will return. I will be like you, Michaela. I will be pure.


Because you haven’t unburdened yourself, for there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, nothing concealed that will not be illuminated. What have you concealed, Michaela, even from yourself?

Are Isaiah and the zealot woman ordained members of Adrian’s Church of the Returned? Or are they part of a separate and distinct 828-returnees worship system?

Beliefs are in the eyes of the beholders

Of course, when it comes to Cody Webber and those who share his beliefs, permanently relocating the 828-returnees to an internment camp while investigating their "unwelcomed" return would be considered morally acceptable. Webber doesn’t believe the returnees are human and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Although he probably doesn’t realize it, but Webber and his bigots have powerful allies. Like Webber, the Major has had no problem whatsoever when it comes to violating the constitutional rights of the returnees.

The Major kidnapped and repeatedly tortured a group of returnees at two separate Unified Dynamic Systems owned properties. It was also recently revealed how the Major’s deputy, Jansen, really feels about the returnees when he said, “These people are a threat.”

Ironically, the Major ordered Jansen infiltrate and spy on Adrian’s Church of the Returned but not Webber’s group. As it is with many hate organizations, anti-828 bigots like Webber’s group have shown a propensity to be violent when it comes to threatening others and defacing property.

Perhaps, it’s only a matter of time before those like Webber begin burning churches to accomplish their agenda. Then too, no one knows for certain if the Major’s not the puppet master Webber’s anti-828 movement.

There are always two or more ways to look at everything

And if there’s a possibility the Major or some other powerful organization is pulling the strings behind the scenes for both the pro-828 and anti-828 movements, which movement intrinsically becomes more dangerous?

What do you think? Who’s more dangerous, people would behave like Adrian, self-appointed leader of the Church of the Returned? Those who blindly follow him like Alice Ciccone? Or people who behave like Cody, leader of the local anti-828 hate group? When it comes to them both being a danger to the general public or a targeted group of people, what’s the difference?