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Callings: Trapped inside of a Box or Lost outside of a Box  


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Jun 17, 2020 12:41 am  

In the world of Manifest, callings allegedly have specific rules governing their existence. Of course, the rules involving callings continue to be unresolved elements within the show's mythology which continue to be repeatedly and incoherently revealed to the audience as hardwired plot devices. One of the rules previously suggested is that it was strictly prohibited for passengers to reveal to non-passengers that callings even existed.

Inside the Box

Kelly Taylor, Harvey Stein, and James Griffin all died because they either revealed that callings existed; or in Griffin's case, was about to reveal everything he knew about callings during a live broadcast on NBC's Today Show. Did Taylor, Stein, and Griffin all die because of callings? Before Michaela played "hide the sausage" with Jared and married Zeke, she intimately shared with Jared her "feelings" involving the existence of callings.

With Jared dying in a hospital and his wife, Lourdes, nowhere to be seen; Michaela prayed for whoever or whatever was responsible for callings to save Jared's life. I'm not sure if it ever happened; but did Mrs. Michaela Stone Landon make the same heartfelt plead for the callings to save her current husband, Zeke? If she did, I don't recall it happening.

Outside the Box

Two other passengers revealed to non-passengers about callings and nothing happened to them or the people they told. Olive said this to her father, Ben; "... Except for the callings, in response to him and Cal coming back the exact same people (113.12). The callings did not punish Olive or Cal. At least, not yet.

Logan Strickland, the "stuck on stupid" inept bank robber, told his brother Frank about his death date calling. Nothing happened to either Logan or Frank; except Logan went to jail. How did Logan reveal his callings and not die; and Taylor, Stein, and Griffin died horrifying painful deaths? Perhaps, the callings will instruct Logan to escape from jail and he will die during his jailbreak?

Boxes within Boxes

When it comes to horrifying and painful, what about Grace and Saanvi? According to Yusuv Al-Zuras' Journal, the rules state that anyone not heeding or following the instructions of the callings will go stark raving mad and die a painful death. Grace had a cryptic calling that mandated, "open her eyes." To whom does Grace's calling belong ... to her or to her baby, Eden? What was the "open her eyes" calling really about? Was it about Grace "opening the bigoted" Erika White's eyes? Or was it about Eden "opening her mother" Grace's eyes? And who will die if the "open her eyes" calling is not completed, Grace or Eden ... or both?

Then there's Saanvi. If the rules, according to Al-Zuras hold true, for all intents and purposes, Saanvi is already dead. She used science to rid herself of the ability to have callings. It's only a matter of how she dies. Will she die as a bloody corpse in a hail of bullets from vengeance secret government assassins? Or will she commit suicide by jumping from the top of a hospital? Of course, the specific rules involving Saanvi may not apply to her. She may already be dead. Who knows? Her dead body could have also been pulled from the water by the Cubans along the mysterious tail section wreckage in the season 2 finale?

What do you think about callings? Do they make sense? Do they make the storytelling easier to follow? Are they controlled by a higher power? Or are they the results of a government experiment gone wrong? Should the specific rules involving callings be clearly explained? Or has the mythology that defines what callings are all about has already been fully explained?