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Detective Michaela Stone: Good or Bad  


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Jun 15, 2020 4:53 pm  

Please don't misunderstand. I'm not complaining; but only making comments based on my own personal opinions about Michaela Stone's character as it comes to the portrayal of a police officer.

Past History

How long was Michaela a police officer before BFF Evie was killed in the car Michaela was driving? It was suggested that Michaela had been drinking alcohol which contributed to the car accident. I'm not clear as to the timeline or if the results of any toxicology report regarding Michaela's blood-alcohol levels were revealed.

It also has not been established that from the time of Evie's accidental death to Michaela being assigned desk duty to the trip to Jamaica has been made crystal clear. I'm not sure and I could be wrong; but if I remember correctly, Michaela had been a police officer for less than a year before traveling to Jamaica with her family.

Current History

How exactly did Michaela get her Gold Shield, i.e., become a Detective? Was she posthumously awarded the title as an honor? What happened to her administrative record involving her culpability in Evie's death? Was she exonerated or not?

I'm fully aware that Manifest is a sci-fi drama and more often than not, suspension of disbelief is required. Having said that; what about the following? When is comes to suspension of disbelief, how are fans expected to separate the sci-fi from the police drama? For example, how did Michaela get "legal" authorization to "bug" Tamara's bar? Who was she investigating; Jared? He's Internal Affairs responsibility; not her own personal pet(ty) investigative project. If the "bug" wasn't for Jared; then who was it for ... Tamara ... her brother Billy ... everyone in the bar?

Don't forget, Detective Michaela Stone didn't go through normal channels to get the authorization to "bug" the bar. She skipped over her boss, the precinct captain and the district attorney. She went straight to the judge who had freed Zeke (after he had pleaded guilty) to get authorization to "bug" the bar. Also, let's not forget that the newly minted Detective Stone had no problem throwing her partner Detective Jared Stone under the bus when she "blotched" the joint DEA covert undercover operation.

Future History

What happens when Michaela finds out that Dr. Saanvi Bahl killed Kathyrn Fitz, aka, the Major? Will she arrest Saanvi or will she close her eyes and simply walk away? What will Michaela's husband Zeke do? Fight for Saanvi or will he throw Saanvi, who fought for him by throwing her medical career away, under the bus? Perhaps, Michaela will go to her friend, the judge who freed Zeke and gave her authorization for the "bug" at the bar; and make all of Saanvi's problems with murdering the Major go away.

Who knows what will happen in the future. Detective Michaela Stone operates with complete autonomy. She independently opened an investigation to go undercover and arrest her husband's ex's (Courtney) drug dealing kingpin. Maybe she will open an investigation on Danny as a con man who preys on unsuspecting widows by stealing their husband's death insurance claims and for ongoing embezzlement?

I probably have too much time on my hands. Either that or I should be doing something more constructive. Yet, when it's all said and done, I require entertainment like everyone else. And yes, I entertain myself by commenting on the characters portrayed on Manifest; including Michaela Stone

What do you think about Michaela's character? Is she a good cop or bad cop? Can her character as a law enforcement officer be improved? Or is she perfect the way she is being portrayed? What do you think?