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Grace, Olive, and Michaela; A Manifestation of Lies and Deceit  


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Feb 12, 2020 5:53 pm  


She shacked up with Danny for 3-years. She also agreed to and got pregnant for him and had a miscarriage. When Ben unexpectedly and mysteriously returns, she kicked Danny out of the house and keeps him a secret from Ben. She continued to see Danny after Olive's shoplifting incident. He even came over and had coffee when Ben wasn't home. She even made a solemn promise to Ben there would be no secrets between them. Which was a blatant lie.

After Olive revealed the secret that Danny her mom's lover, she never answered Ben's question when he "straight-up" asked her if she loved Danny. Instead, she deflected from answering by telling him that she always loved and never stopped loving him; and immediately took her clothes off and had sex with him. She did this after refusing to let Ben touch her for a week ... since returning. Weeks later, she would discover she's pregnant and not know if the baby's father was Danny or Ben.

Although Grace now receives Callings, the results from any DNA test haven't specifically revealed the identity of her baby's father. She recently suggested to Ben that it would be better if Danny was announced the father of her unborn child. Why? To protect the baby and the Stone family? Or for some other reason? She never answered Ben's question if she loved Danny. She kept it a secret from Ben about Danny getting her pregnant and having a miscarriage; and she never revealed that Danny stopped by the day after Olive's shoplifting incident when Ben wasn't home. What other secrets are Grace hiding from Ben about Danny?


She was caught shoplifting and immediately asked her father, Ben, to lie to her mother, Grace, about it. He agreed because he was trying to bond and gain her trust. Shortly later, Grace would rip into Ben for "keeping secrets" about her daughter from her. She ripped Ben after meeting with Danny. Why wasn't she home when Ben and Olive returned? It's evident she was with Danny. She didn't need to leave home to get a call from Danny to tell her that he felt bad about what had happened.

Olive also kept secrets from Ben. She has never told him that she thinks of Danny as her father, too. Nor did she reveal to him about her and Danny's planned trip to Acadia National Park in July. Grace spilled the beans. Not because she wanted to; but because she had to. Grace had previously told Ben that he would never have to meet "that guy," i.e., would never have to meet Danny. Why would she lie? At the very moment she say this to Ben, she knew that Olive and Danny were practicing mountain climbing in preparation to travel to Acadia.

Then there's Olive sneaking out of the window at night to meet her boyfriend, Kevin. Although what Olive did put her and the family's safety at risk, Grace didn't seem to mind. She said that Kevin was good for Olive. Why was it good for Olive to sneak out and meet Kevin; and what did she sneak out to meet him for? To go over a class homework assignment? Maybe, when it's all said and done, the unused Crusader Ben found under the bed in the master bedroom didn't belong to Danny? Anyway, to make a long story short, no more "good for Olive" boyfriend, Kevin; but hello new 828 boyfriend, TJ.


She was engaged to marry Jared before traveling on vacation to Jamaica to clear her head about what happened to her BFF, Evie. It's evident everyone in her family thought very highly of Jared. During the flight home, Ben told her that she deserved to be happy and should marry Jared. At the last minute, she decided she would marry Jared. Even sent him a text with the good news. The text never reached its destination. Something to do with a problem in the space-time continuum.

Not being able to text Jared wasn't her worst problem. After returning, she discovers that the love of her life, Jared, has married her only remaining BFF in the world, Lourdes. She then lies to Lourdes and tells her she was going to tell Jared no on his marriage proposal ... and return the ring. Why did she accept an engagement ring and decide she was going to say no to marrying him without giving him back the ring first? 

Forget the ring and the lie Michaela told Lourdes, she would soon cuckold her BFF, Lourdes, by having sex with her husband, Jared. No apologies necessary, she told Lourdes that she still loved Jared ... and that was that. Obviously, Jared still loved Michaela. He took the blame for her during a blotched undercover operation that got him fired. Of course, he was reinstated because Robert Vance pulled some strings in order to get him to spy on Michaela; in which Jared refused to do.

Jared standing up for her numerous times clearly meant absolutely nothing to her when she took the stand in court; where she angrily and publicly threw him under the bus. Why? Is it because she now loves Zeke more than she had or could ever love Jared? You be the judge. Grace, Olive, and Michaela's love lives are entangled in a web of lies and deceit. How their individual entangled webs continue to manifest and unfold is anyone's guess.