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If the plot doesn't fit; is it legit?  


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Jul 21, 2020 2:09 pm  

Plot is defined as ...

the main events of a play, novel, movie, or similar work, devised and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence:

I don't know about anyone else; but I need answers. I know. Some fans will say ... "be patient." They will admonish those who ask the difficult questions and insist that all of the answers being asked will be revealed sooner or later. Although I'm patient when it comes to reveals involving sci-fi plots, I'm not as confident as others that some of the relevant plot questions will ever be answered.

For example:

Cal and Marko

The link between Cal Stone and Marko Valeriev. This excruciatingly painful link was responsible for Cal being hospitalized. The link was severed and the pain stopped when Marko was moved from his location. What caused the link between Cal and Marko? Why these two and only those two? Or was the Cal/Marko connection used as a minor plot device to introduce the 11 missing 828 passengers storyline?

Collective behavior

Speaking of the missing 828 passengers/patients. It has been over a year, Manifest-time, since we've seen or heard from them. Remember that herky-jerky move they all did in unison as if they had been electrically shocked? Although it was a cool scene at the time, and maybe no one else cares; but I'm curious as to what caused this strange "collective" behavior. Why was Paul Santino the only catatonic patient to be revived? As a way to induce the Michaela Stone and Zeke Landon storyline?

Webber and White

What's the difference between Cody Webber and Simon White? Are these the storylines between these two "828'er-hating" villains interrelated? Perhaps, Michaela's union rep, Officer Dibacco, the crooked cop who set her up to be murdered, was a member of both Webber's and White's organization? The problem is that no one knows because no one knows what happened to Officer Dibacco. Alleged conspiracy to commit murder plot? No problem. Just forgettaboutit.  

Grace's Gargoyle

As of now, Grace's gargoyle is as meaningless of an interrelated sequence to any of the storylines as was Michaela and Zeke's wolf. Who would win a fight between the gargoyle and wolf? Answer: neither. They would both disappear before the fight started because they would both be afraid of contracting rabies from the other species. Or just maybe, the gargoyle and wolf would be hesitant to "be at the same place, at the same time" because both would be afraid to "open their eyes."

When it comes to "opening their eyes," I'm concerned the showrunner and writers are simply using some of the plot devices, like the ones I've described above, only to introduce more plots. And they absolutely have no intention of resolving any of the aforementioned interrelated sequences because the aforementioned interrelated sequences are not interrelated when it comes to the overall storytelling. 

What do you think? Have fans been intentionally or unintentionally provided with pieces of the puzzle that do not fit? At this very moment in time, does the story, as it has been told, makes simple "sci-fi" sense?

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Jul 21, 2020 6:19 pm  

Additionally. Before I forget or never get the chance to comment here again. In conjunction with ... 

I'm not as confident as others that some of the relevant plot questions will ever be answered.

For example, there's the question of where is Kelly Taylor's body? There's no reason to not to have already revealed who took and is in possession of her body. Either it was the Major's secret organization, some other secret organization, or extraterrestrials from a different space-time dimension.

Will revealing who has possession of Taylor's body answer the questions: Why did Flight 828 disappear for 5 1/2 years? And exactly who was responsible for the plane's disappearance? Then too, maybe dark lightning itself has possession of Taylor's body? Or perhaps, these responsible for controlling dark lightning has possession of her body? 

Who knows? Maybe the reason we haven't also seen the catatonic patients since S1 is because dark lightning caused them to disappear? Or maybe they all had individual callings and are now traveling around the world trying to fulfill their callings and not go mad? 

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