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Mar 25, 2020 2:32 pm  

Michaela the Magnificent

So, it appears that Michaela and Zeke will get married. Some fans are pleased and excited. I'm not one of them. The entire Michaela is madly in love with Zeke story arc makes me want to throw up. She wanted to marry Jared when the show first begin. That didn't work out. Now she's all in with Zeke; who she met because of a Calling and only remained with him because of Cal's "you belong together" Calling. Shadow monsters ... please ... make them both one of you.

Michaela was initially a cop walking a beat on the streets who was assigned to a desk because of behavioral problems and then immediately promoted to detective when she returned from her mysterious 5 and 1/2 year hiatus. She didn't waste any time when she went from blowing a major joint undercover operation with the ATF to unilaterally investigating her former partner, Jared, by getting a warrant to plant a bug in a bar directly from a judge. The same judge who released Zeke. Way to go judge. Nothing wrong with being on Team Michaela.

Callings on Cal

As meaningful as Cal's drawings have been, the drawing of the shadow figure in his family portrait somehow got overlooked? Either his drawings have always been considered 100-percent accurate. Or they've always been an "interpret them as a roll the dice" proposition.

There was no way in the universe Cal could have predicted the shadow figure in his family portrait would become the three shadow monsters on a wall. On the reverse side of the pages of his drawings, everything has been crystal clear ... Autumn Cox's daughter, the death date, his three family member's reflection in the mirror, etc. For some unknown reason, Cal hasn't been inspired to draw anything of major importance in season 2.

It's all good

Ben and Grace now have a beautiful baby girl, Eden. No more Danny to pickup the pieces. Michaela is no longer visibly mad at Lourdes, her ex-BFF. She got even with Lourdes by sleeping with Jared, immediately kicked Jared to the curb, and fell madly in love with Zeke. All is good when it comes to the former love triangles of the past.

The death date is connected to the adventures of Yusuv Al-Zuras. Al-Zuras is connected to the Silver Dragon, aka Flight 828. Flight 828 is connected to the passengers who have Callings ... except for Fiona Clarke who didn't have Callings. The Callings are in some way connected to the human collective consciousness. The human collective consciousness is somehow connected to the plane that exploded on the tarmac. Which leaves us with peacocks, shadow monsters, wolves, gargoyles, gray lady statues, ash falling on crashed planes ... and interdimensional time travel.

Is everything going in the right direction? Is it all good? What do you think?