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The Odyssey of Flight 828  


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Feb 15, 2020 8:15 pm  

In many ways Manifest, as a television series, reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone, titled The Odyssey of Flight 33. It was the story of a commercial airliner that never touched down. It just kept flying through time and space forever. The same can be said of Flight 828.

Flight 828 returned after disappearing for a little over 5 1/2 years. Shortly after returning the plane exploded; and everyone on board the flight, except for one passenger, Fiona Clarke, begin to hear voices and see life-like visual images. Then later, two people who weren't on the flight disappeared and returned; and begin to hear voices and see images. Specifically, Zeke Landon and James Griffin. And even later, a third individual who wasn't on the flight, Grace Stone, also begin to hear voices and see images. Above all else, it was determined that everyone who returned on Flight 828 will die on June 2, 2024. Fiona Clarke remains the one lone unknown.

There have also been references about subplots involving the human collective consciousness and the Mirror Factor; and the Holy Grail. Numerology is considered important is and everywhere. The number 828 shows up in Bible verses and elsewhere; e.g., house and apartment numbers like 2414, 3528, and 414 are derivatives of the number 828.  Just like in the Twilight Zone's episode, The Odyssey of Flight 33; none of the storylines and plots in the television series Manifest have yet touched down on the ground. They are all still up in the air ... continuing to fly to who knows where.

How and why Flight 828 disappeared and returned are still up in the air. Why the plane exploded on the tarmac is still up in the air. Why all of the passengers who were on board the plane, except for one, are hearing voices and seeing life-like visual images is still up in the air. Why the number 828 itself is important is still up in the air. The purpose for the passengers returning is still up in the air. Why those who possess a specific blood marker and brain scan are destined to die; with some kind of a built-in genetic expiration date is still up in the air. Essentially, every plot and every subplot surrounding the show's mysteries and storylines are all still up in the air.

So in the end, will the mysteries involving the story of Manifest's Flight 828 ever touch-down and land in the form of answers; or will Manifest continue to fly through time and space forever?