The "Rob" Loose End
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The "Rob" Loose End  


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Feb 8, 2020 7:54 pm  

S1E3 - Turbulence - It feels like cheating scene. In this scene, the only scene in which James Laio appears, he says:

"I get it, I get it, I do. It’s just, uh, this is gonna sound insane, but I’m a little protective of Danny. Kind of seems like you’re cheating on him."

And then Grace agrees and as we have speculated in other discussions, she has more than made up for her infidelity to Danny on at least one occasion and possible more.

But this "loose end" could have ramifications in S2. We can only assume that Rob was a valued employee and as Grace has stated, he helped her keep her sanity, whatever that means. The key to me is "I’m a little protective of Danny." This indicates that he and Danny are either very close friends or related in some way. I can only assume that Grace did not just pick a grief counseling group out of the Yellow Pages. I assume that someone recommended that particular group and since the guy of whom Rob was "protective" was also a member of that group, I surmise that Rob recommended that group to Grace. We know that over the next 5 years, the counseling was put into practice by Danny and Grace which resulted in several things including a SCUBA scar (a loose end), a miscarriage of an out of wedlock child (a loose end), and an unhealthy relationship between a 40 something man and a teenage girl (10-20 in Sing Sing Correctional Facility), Olive.

This brings us current. Grace is full blown pregnant with a baby girl who has the "blood maker" that we assume is the result of more unprotected sex, namely between Grace and Ben. Since the actual paternity test was stopped and Saanvi's blood analysis only established the "blood marker," the actual paternity is not in black and white. We know nothing of Danny. How do we know he was not involved in a non-828 black lightening event and he carries the blood marked as well. We just don't know.

Right off the bat this new season, Olive and Grace are out doing the mother-daughter thing in the Upper West Side when who magically appears? Yep, Danny Boy. I wonder how he knew they were going to be there. The obvious "rat" is Olive but I don't think so, not this time. I'm of the opinion our old buddy Rob has been in communication with his "protectorate," Danny. And I'm pretty sure Rob has passed on the pregnancy information to his old buddy as well. Danny knows and Danny will be back in the picture, probably in the last few episodes to setup a cliff hanger for S3. Danny will claim the prize.

Just my view from 10,00 feet.

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Feb 9, 2020 1:52 pm  

... she has more than made up for her infidelity to Danny on at least one occasion and possible more.

After Olive's shoplifting incident, Grace immediately leaves home to "talk to Danny." Immediately upon returning home, she quickly finds an excuse to get into an argument with Ben about Olive. Here she blames and argues with Ben for not telling her something she already knows. The next day Danny shows up on her doorsteps where she welcomes him with open arms. 

He tells her straight-up that he can live without her; but not without Olive. She agrees that Olive feels the same way. WTH is wrong with Grace? The same man she got pregnant for and had a miscarriage now tells her he can live without her. During her relationship with Danny, did she only see herself as a vessel to receive his sperm and be a surrogate mother to give birth to his offspring? That's what she told Ben ... Danny wanted children. She didn't say, "we wanted to have a child together."

... he and Danny are either very close friends or related in some way.

Another loose end. When will the loose ends, end? Based on Rob's only appearance, it appears that he and Danny are very close. It also appears that he and Grace completely trust each other and have a relationship where there are no secrets? So, what came first? Rob's relationship with Grace? Or his relationship with Danny? This is what's extremely frustrating about Manifest. Relationships and characters tend to be the focus of the show; but what's revealed about the relationships and characters is basically the same as what's revealed about what caused the plane to disappear ... nothing! 

... the actual paternity is not in black and white.

Absolutely 100% true! And Grace is pregnant and having Callings. According to her she's bigger than she was when she carried the twins. I have no idea what that means. But she said it for a reason. Of course, Rob has to know Grace is pregnant. He has also told Danny. Any other scenario would be unbelievable. I have no idea how the storyline involving Grace's pregnancy will unfold. And you could be correct. Danny could claim the prize. 

However, for me, MaryGrace, if the producers and writers continue to keep everything, including all of the major and minor relationships, painted in shades of grey, i.e., not in black and white; I will not be around to watch S3. I'm committed to participating here and watching the remainder of S2. But beyond that, unless the storylines and plots drastically improve, I'll no longer be inclined to waste my time chasing windmills.