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414 is the number of the apartment that Michaela and Ben began living in after Ben and Grace separated.

Episode References

The first time we learn of the apartment is 110.3 when Michaela opens the front door and finds Ben throwing a stack of articles about Flight 828 onto the table. She jokes, “This is my apartment, remember? If anyone has dibs to trash it, it’s me.” Later in the episode, when Jared knocks on the apartment door, the number 414 is prominently displayed (110.24). After Michaela lets him in, Jared tells her that she is his soulmate and that he loves her, and that neither of them should have to live “half-a-life.” They passionately kiss, and take each others clothes off, before going into the bedroom (110.24).


Number of Ben’s Apartment is 414 is half of 828.
Number of Ben’s House is 2414 (2 x 414) = 828. (cf. 104.6)

This is even more significant given the fact that Jared tells Michaela that since the plane’s return both of them have been living “half-a-life.” Thus, if 414 signifies half-a-life, 828 must signify a full-life (i.e. “All good things…”). Recall that the episode begins with Michaela at the cemetery, where Romans 8:28 is prominently displayed on Karen Stone’s tombstone. We hadn’t seen the number 828 displayed like that since the first episode of the series (101.6). Furthermore, to emphasize the connection between 414 and 828  even more thoroughly, the writers even have Michaela state, “I want my life back” (110.1).

It’s not as easy as it appears, however. In order to get their lives back, Jared and Michaela have to destroy Lourdes’ life. Lourdes has done nothing wrong. She did not steal Jared away from Michaela. Michaela was presumed dead for 5 1/2 years. Lourdes who wants to start a family has only a hint of what is going on with Jared and Michaela, and does not yet realize how quickly their passion has reignited.

In 110.24 Michaela tells Ben she has dibs to trash her own apartment. By having sex with Jared (110.24), is Michaela trashing her life? If it is indeed a “half-a-life” like Jared claims, this might be a good thing. It might even fall under the category of a “do over” which Grace speaks about in the first episode: “The universe just gave all of us a do-over. Everything that happened before goes out the window” (101.6).  She, of course, was speaking of “before” the plane disappeared.  But what about after. In other words, what if we understand “before” as the 5 1/1 interim period that Grace, Olive, Jared and Lourdes experienced?

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