828 (number)

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Episode 1

The flight number is 828.

The pillow that Michaela’s mom made has Romans 8:28 stitched on it.

The business address for Mr. Garrison’s metal works facility  where Michaela frees the dogs and later finds the lost girls is number 828.

The  verse Romans 8:28 is shown on the page of a bible which Michaela is reading while in a church. It reads, “All things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.”

Episode 3

The time on the clock while Ben and Michaela are chasing Tami in Mr. Taylor’s mall reads 828.

Episode 4

The house number for Ben and Graces house number is 2414 as seen on the envelope she received from the Barrow Life Insurance company. Using the first number 2 as the multipler, 2×4= 8, 2×1=2, and 2×4=8, gives us the flight #828.  The number is symbolic. Half of the family was on 828, and the other half weren’t. The rest of the address is 2414 Ocotillo Avenue, Hollis Hills NY, 11427.

The house number for Jared and Lourdes is 3528, 3 + 5 = 8, so again 828, like verse location and flight number.

Episode 5

The flight number appears on the flight schedule at the airport.

The flight number appears on the bottom of some news broadcasts.

Episode 8

The number 828 is seen on a computer screen when Ronnie is looking at an 828 fansite, and on some of the magazine clippings in Harvey’s apartment.

Episode 10

The number of Ben and Michaela’s apartment (after Grace kicked Ben out of the house) is 414, that is, half of 828. Compare this to the address of Ben’s house which is 2414 (cf. above – episode 4).

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All Things... (101.6)
101.6 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela has no apartment to return to, nor any belongings. Therefore, her brother Ben and sister-in-law Grace et up a room in their basement. Grace tries to console Michaela, but she is more concerned with calling her fiance Jared. Grace calls what happened "a second chance."
Set them Free! - II (101.19)
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Designated Driver (103.23)
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