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828er is a term being used on the 24-hour news channel to refer to the crew and 191 passengers of Flight 828.

Episode Reference

The first time the term “828er” is used in the series was by Bethany in Ep 104,21 when she and Saanvi are trying to get Thomas out of the psychiatric ward:

“We’re gonna get caught,” she says. “Someone’s bound to recognize a couple of 828ers just traipsing around here together.”

Saanvi understood immediately what she meant. “These nurses work long shifts. Let’s just hope we find someone who doesn’t spend all their free time watching the 24-hour news channel.”


  • Persons of Interest:  Director Vance has a special interest them, particularly those who showed up at the fence to witness the plane exploding. (Episode 101.24). 828ers who have been identified in the series are:

Note:  Cal Stone (Ep 101ff) is not a “person of interest” because he did not show up at the fence although he saw the plane explode in a vision.

  • Other Persons (Unnamed but photographed)

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