Aaron Glover

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Aaron Glover is a young journalist who has a podcast called828-gate” which is listened by those who want to know what happened the plane and who are the 828ers.

Played by actor Marquis Rodriguez (IMDb.com)

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While attending Robert Vance’s memorial service, Aaron notices Ben talking to NSA Deputy Powell. When Aaron catches up with Ben, Ben wants no part of him or his podcast. When Ben tells him to keep him out of the story, Aaron says that he is the story (110.6).  He then tells Ben about a chopper dropping off the Major at the factory in Red Hook an hour before the explosion (110.6). All Aaron wants from Ben is a statement, but Ben still says no. “What, and blow up my life to launch your career?” (110.6)

Ben, however, changes his mind after he hears  Aaron announce an upcoming podcast called, “Closing in on the Holy Grail” (110.14). When Ben visits Aaron at his studio, Aaron tells him about how the Senate Intelligence Committee House Appropriations started having secret meetings after Flight 828 returned in which they earmarked millions to preserve the phantom shiner, a fish which hasn’t been seen since the 1940s (110.14).

Aaron sends a text to Ben telling him that Deputy Powell will be at Celestine restaurant during happy hour which is Ben’s best lead so far in learning more about the Major and the Holy Grail (110.16).

Ben eventually gives Aaron the statement that he wants by recording a podcast, but Ben tells him he can’t air it unless things end badly (110.26).

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