Autumn Cox

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Autumn Cox was one of the missing 11 passengers who was taken away and hooked up to monitors and given all kinds of tests. There were warrants out for her arrest when she got off the plane. Director Vance gave her over to the police. She first appears in episode 109.3.

Episode References

Ep. 109—Passenger on Flight 828

Autumn who was on Flight 828 was questioned by Director Robert Vance. She said the turbulence “was awful. The whole plane was shaking. It felt like we were gonna crash. The emergency path lights came on, and then we landed.” After the inteview Vance had her taken into custody because there were several outstanding warrants for her arrest for crimes which she said she did not do (109.1).

Autumn was taken to the dairy farm (the one with the red door) with 10 other passengers. These “missing passengers” was experimented on by the Singularity Project.

Ep. 109—Autumn Spies on Ben

When the Major started becoming suspicious of Ben, she had Laurence Belson bring Autumn to Ben’s street so Ben would find her and take her under his wing. The deal was that she was to report back to Laurence and the Major about what Ben was doing, and who he was working for (109.23).

In episode 109 Autumn worked with Ben and Michaela to help free the missing passengers from the Red Hook Warehouse, and was with Ben in the dark tunnels when he sees the lights on the ground which no one else could see (109.16).

Ep. 110—Helping out at the Beach House

While at the beach house assisting Fiona and Saanvi with the passengers who were freed from Red Hook, Autumn receives a text message, “Need to hear from you. Or our deal is OFF” (110.2). She then sees all the passengers who are in a comatose state jerk in unison while in their seats (110.2)

Autumn tells Ben more about her experience at the Red Barn. She tells him about the Major’s quest for a Holy Grail, and that the Major is a woman (110.10). Autumn then appears to switch sides by throwing her phone into the ocean (110.10).

While at a coffee shop,  Autumn received a surprise visit by a man, Jansen, who told her to get into a vehicle. The Major wanted to speak to her (110.29).

Ep. 111—Autumn Spies on Michaela

Autumn tells Michaela how her friends stole her identity and committed a whole bunch of crimes while she was in Jamaica. Autumn wants Michaela to find Clarissa Ford so she can prove that she is innocent. Meanwhile Cal is drawing a picture of Autumn sitting on the couch (111.9).

When Ben calls Michaela to give her an update and to ask from information from a blue binder, Autumn pays special attention. Later, when Grace picks up Cal, Michaela says she is rooting for her and Ben. Meanwhile, Jansen finds Autumn outside at a food stand, and says they need to have a chat (111.11).

Autumn breaks into Michaela’s apartment and finds the blue biner where she takes photos of its pages. She also finds Cal’s notebok of drawings and rips out the the drawing he made earlier (111.18)

Ep. 112—Autumn's Arrest / Redemption

Michaela finds Autumn and arrests her believing she knows the whereabouts of Cal (112.2).

Michaela interrogates Autumn at the police station (112.7).

Michaela discovers that the Major knows the whereabouts of Autumn’s daughter and using that as leverage to make Autumn spy on Ben and Michaela. She then confronts Autumn about she is selling out another child to get her own back. Autumn tells Michaela that she did not give the Major Cal’s drawing that she ripped out. Michaela begs Autumn to help her find Cal (112.9).

Autumn calls Jansen and intentionally misleaed him and his men in their search for Cal. Michaela gives her the name and address of her daughter’s adoptive family. Autumn then gives Michaela the picture that she ripped out of Cal’s notebook which was not only of her, but her daughter.  On the back is a drawing of the exterior of the cabin which is Michaela understands is the key to finding Cal (112.14).

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