Beach House

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The beach house is where Fiona took the missing passengers who were being experimented on after they were rescued from the Red Hook Warehouse.

Episode References

The beach house appears in Episode 110. After the missing passengers were taken there, Autumn notices that they were behaving wierdly. They all Jerked at the same time, like fingers in a light socket (110.2).  Saanvi thinks it might be a reflex, or some residual brain trauma from the experiments. But Fiona thinks that because they do it all at once, this suggests that they are somehow all connected. It is sort of like how some of the passengers after the plane landed were drawn to the airport at the same time and witness the plane exploded (101.24).

Michaela receives a calling after she touches Paul Santoni. It is unlike any of the others. She sees a blizzard and hears “Find Her!” Paul then wakes up from his comatose state. Saanvi asks Michaela to try and wake up the other passengers, but she is unable to do so (110.7).

Passengers who showed up when the plane exploded gather and share information. Bethany and Captain Daly are among them. We are also introduced to Adrian (110.8).

Captain Bill Daly motions Ben to meet him outside. He tells Ben that he does not trust Fiona, and that he is going to find things out on his own. Daly then departs (110.9).

Michaela loses control of her emotions with Paul Santino at the beach house. She calls him a monster who beats his wife. Saanvi intervenes telling Michaela to stop it. Paul who does not remember anything is dumbfounded (110.24).

Meaning and Significance

A beach house next to the ocean symbolizes the unconscious and emotions. One way of looking at the plight of  the comatose patients is that there emotions are now swimming in the ocean of  collective conscious. The beach house represents a transition (turning point,  passing, shift, evolution, development or conversion) in the lives of the characters, just as a beach is an area of transition between  land and water. Here are some examples of characters whose behavior seems to indicate that a time of readjustment is in order:

Adrian: The beach house is where we are introduced to Adrian who wants to get his life back. “I went from entrepeneur wunderkind to out on my ass.” (110.8) The next time we see him he seems to be basking in the attention he is receiving from three woman Believers, “Excuse me. Can we touch you? Please.” (110.20) As one critic speculates, “You can almost see the wheels turning in Andre’s head, figuring out how he could perhaps make a living as an object of worship.”1

Captain Bill Daly: While at the beach house Daly motions Ben to meet him outside. He tells Ben that he does not trust Fiona, and that he is going to find things out on his own. Daly then departs (110.9).

Paul Santino: The beach house is the place where Paul Santino awakens from an unconscious state  to consciousness (110.2). Although he has a wife named Helen, who says that he was abusive toward her, Paul has no memory of this.

Autumn: The beach house is the place where Autumn throws the phone in the ocean. Her psyche is torn with wanting to help Fiona, Saanvi, Ben and Michaela take care of the comatose passengers, but needing to perform the mission and report back to the Major.  The scene in which she stands on the porch and looks out at the ocean suggests that, while she has been at the beach house, she has done some soul-searching. It won’t be until episode 112 we learn about her true motives.

Michaela Stone: The beach house is  the place where Michaela has her emotional outburst toward Paul Santino. Here the beach house symbolizes the meeting place of her two states of mind, the rational and emotional. Michaela’s outburst can be liked to the beach house sliding down a crumbling cliff face into the ocean below. Just as coastal landslides can occur when a slope becomes unstable, Michaela who is under a lot of stress seems to have had a falling. Just as increasingly larger waves attack the base of a cliff during a storm leaving houses hanging, Michaela has been experiencing waves of emotion from her own psychological storm having missed out on 5 1/2 years of life which, at times, can leave her teetering on the edge. On the same. night she has her emotional outburst, she has sex with Jared, which placed her on the edge. Although the next day she seems to have moved back, she is emotionally in a very unstable place.

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